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Kim Kardashian Hooking Up With The Game Revealed In New Song | Hollywoodlife

Kim Kardashian Hooking Up With The Game Revealed In New Song | Hollywoodlife

The Game describes hooking up with Kim Kardashian in a new song. Kylie Jenner shows some love for Taylor Swift. Plus – Khloe reveals who she’s voting for in the 2024 election. Plus – Kylie shows
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The Kardashian-West clan is officially about to become a family of six! While it’s been rumored that Kim Kardashian, 38, and Kanye West, 41, have a surrogate with the couple’s bun in her oven, the KKW Cosmetics founder has officially confirmed the news! Andy Cohen managed to pull off the interviewing coup of 2019 by getting all three Kardashian sisters to sit down together for an interview on Jan. 14 when Watch What Happens Liverelocated to the West Coast for a week of shows. Kourtney, 39, Kim, 38, and Khloe, 34, were all in one place for the first time in seven years. That’s where Kim broke the big news herself.

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The Game Brags About Kim Kardashian Hook Up In New Song | Hollywoodlife


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  1. Kanye for president or The Game for president?

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  2. Does anyone knows the name of the song The Game did about kim?

  3. They sure love black cock 🤷🏽‍♀️

  4. If I could say something to The Games face I would tell him he is too old to be talking that trash and that he should get right with the Lord cuz clearly is not happy. Money and succes is not the key to happiness

  5. He should of known what he was getting with

  6. We need a real president for our country, not someone who is going to ruin things even more. And we definitely don't need someone like Kim being our first lady.

  7. seen indian song one time

  8. Khloe is really trying NOT to look Armenian😒

  9. I can't wait for the day, when all Kardashian /Jenner are gone. Like dead. Irrelevant. Broke. Caput. I really can't wait for that day.

  10. Even Kanye dissed Kim in some songs

  11. You wouldent get far it would be just a waste of time

  12. Wtf game hit that years ago this channel weird

  13. Kanye will never be president ugh the Kardashians are so fuckin annoying pure plastic..

  14. I’d love for him to choke just because

  15. Reporter: Is anyone of your children brothers or sisters of Cali?
    Kim: Nahh, they went straight to my stomach.

  16. President West after President Trump's second run ? I think so…👿

  17. Damm Kim is just a hoe and a slut she will go to hell when god sends her there and nothing she can do to stop it not her body fame or money have a nice time in hell Kim . You better enjoy your life on earth

  18. The game….. wow…. the biggest joke of the decade…. just a SuPeR untalented troll desperately searching for an ounce of relevancy….. its fucking despicable and like sad for hip hop that words cant even explain….EVEN IF…. big IF….. but even if you did hook up with all the kardashians like do you really have nothing else to say or promote about your bum ass….. and to put kim in a song like that…. she is married now with kids you degenerate fuck…. and u r really speaking about some head u got 10 years ago to cling onto whatever fame you think you have left ….sadder part is i have never been able to rock to kanye…. but i always rode with you…. until now….but i just fukn cant anymore yo…. sooo trash that it actually makes my stomach hurt…. or maybe its the cheap ass 99apples i drank…. idk, but u certainly arent helping the situation here.

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