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Kim Kardashian Responds To Using The R Word After Fans Slam Her | Hollywoodlife

Kim Kardashian says something that pisses off A LOT of people. Khloe Kardashian goes into labor in a new video you have to see. Plus – Kylie Jenner reveals a never before seen video of her baby bump. #KimKardashian #KylieJenner #KhloeKardashian

Kim Kardashian attended Kendall Jenner’s Halloween-themed birthday bash on Oct. 31 dressed as Pamela Anderson, and it was EPIC. The costume was a re-creation of Pam’s 1999 look at the VMAs, and Kim totally nailed it. She rocked the sparkling, sequined pants, white corset top and fuzzy pink hat like a PRO! She even caked on blue eye shadow and drew a fake tattoo on her arm to completely embody the look, while also wearing a blonde wig. Plus, her bestie, Jonathan Cheban, dressed as Tommy Lee, who attended the show with Pam in 1999, even though they were divorced.

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Starring Ali Stagnitta @alistagnitta

Produced By Lisa Braun @BraunLA

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Kim Kardashian Responds To Using Slurs After Being Slammed By Fans | Hollywoodlife


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  1. Which KarJenner had the best Halloween costume?

  2. Omg "the r word" how ridiculous…just say retarded, it's not that deep

  3. hope that these folks actually do read these comments because I just have to say something about the fact this family seems to use the word Retarded quite a bit not just on occasion . . it is extremely inappropriate and very very very hurtful . .today as I sat in traffic watching a young man with developmental issues walk to the bus stop on a road with no sidewalks, as he does everyday after working a job . .. . their comments seem even more hurtful for a human being that works so hard and takes so much pride in what they do . . just a reminder Kardashian family you have all been extremely blessed with the birth of healthy children . . so please remember that when you throw around the word in such an terrible demeaning way . . oh, and just to let another comment know . . I personally have NEVER used the word retarded in a demeaning way . . it's really not funny  . it really isn't . .. and I know so many fans are going to ask why the hell I even wrote this novel on this social forum . . i'm not on twitter and I really hope Kim and the entire family read what people think . .

  4. What's the r word?i am confused

  5. WHO CARES, people are too sensitive over this word, it is never directly meant to insult people with mental disabilities ,it is just an expression. Besides, Kim and her entire Klan can act pretty retarded sometimes too.

  6. Who wrote KIKI CACA 'S apology? She does not know how to read let alone write…lol

  7. Maybe she should just be excused because she is MENTALLY DISABLED herself, she obviously has chemical imbalances…

  8. I don't understand what is the r word

  9. It’s not an issue, like my sister is disabled and not once does this word effect us, it’s just slang it’s not even that big of a deal. The term “ mong “ or “ spaz “ is allot different! But retard isn’t even a thing to car for

  10. hope if she goes she calls ahead for two seats to put that big huge ugly butt in

  11. Wow she had to apologize for using the word retard… I can't believe she actually apologize I would of curse them out and called them retarded …

  12. Maybe they have an open relationship? Idk

  13. I call everyone a retard so whats the matter.

  14. Whoever thinks Kim needs to apologize is RETARDED

  15. Other people can use that word but she can’t cause she’s famous?

  16. First Khloe is captured on camera using the "R" word. Now Kim is outed using the same slur. Hmm, does it really surprise any of you that these vapid, clueless, overhyped, talentless, Illuminati puppet twits speak thusly? Come on, this is how they truly think of us that aren't rich or famous…as low life scum! Time and again they have shown their true colors yet some people keep throwing their hearts and money at these horrid whores. Please stop and maybe the KarJenner Klan will disappear from the limelight and our memories. God willing. Amen!

  17. So Kim's apologizing for saying retard but I bet if cardi said it it wouldn't be a problem right?

  18. retard retard retard retard retard retard retard retard retard retard retard retard retard retard retard retard retard retard retard retard retard retard retard retard retard retard retard retard retard retard

  19. Retarded retarded yall are so retarded 😂

  20. Guys what is the r word? (Im not american…)

  21. I don't know about the word being used by the land of Yankies.

    But here in England. Retard is a really abusive, insulting word.

    It was a word that was used many years ago to describe and label children and adults who had a learning disability.

    If someone was caught/over heard using that word. They would lose their job. And if a child was heard using it. They would be suspended from school. And so they should!

  22. People are retarded, there I said it

  23. I like how you BARELY spoke about what she said but you use the topic as thumb nail?
    Seems hypocritical HollywoodLife. Smh.

  24. Only insecure and unconfident people apologize, don’t @ me

  25. Wait she said fonta…as in fanta have i been saying it wrong? 😂

  26. What would have i done not to see kylies baby bump..my life would have been over

  27. So she can predict baby births? 0:36 she slipped up…They planned that delivery. So dangerous for babies to be induced unnecessarily.

  28. what the hell is the r word smfh

  29. Kim is always saying dumb shit, I can't wait till one of them die 🤦 for fucks sake


  31. Who gives a fuck if she said Retard fuck everyone for this

  32. When are we Not aloud to use the word disabled😂

  33. Whats the big deal? I say retard all the time😂

  34. He was bullied back into the relationship with her. He received a lot of hate and his Team suffered for it as well so needless to say he isn't head over heels in love with her. He was recently caught with those two other girls remember the ones who was looking at the wall when he came out and then got into a follow vehicle once he took off

  35. You blog too much about the Kardashians. Anyway what do I know 😦… I came here to learn what the R word is… Still don't know!

  36. All you guys are mental why does anyone care if she says retard. My parents call me it all the time

  37. Retarded is now the " R word" 😂😂😂humans make me laugh.


  39. Im not a Kim fan but how must she apologize for a word yet the same people judging her didnt ask for an apology from Donald Jackass Trump for his reenactment of a mentally retarded man at his rally. Remember when he mocked that LD person saying "Ohhhhhh I can't rememberrrrr" (Trump Voice) FOH
    Retarded os a figure of speech only disrespectful directed in a derogatory way to a LD person. Smh Let that chick live she didnt disrespect you all but T-Rump did.

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