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Kim Kardashian West to meet with Trump

Kim Kardashian and three former prisoners will be attending a meeting with President Trump at the White House. FOX Business’ Cheryl Casone with more. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Good for profit jails and prisons need to end.

  2. What's wrong with their language?

  3. Two idiots in one room. Add Ivanka, Jr. , and Kanye and you would have a Royal flush of ineptitude

  4. Two biggest Nonsense fakers are meeting hahahahahaha

  5. What the hell does that Ditzy Kardashian know about politics LMAO….. My God, the white House and politics is becoming a circus act!

  6. Criminal justice reform and the news people laugh cause a reality star who has no idea is influencing the prez of USA to let prisoners go. Wow who would of thunk it.

  7. Trump loves his porn stars. Funny how you have to be rich or famous to have the president's ear.

  8. Why are they laughing? Kim’s just as smart as Trump and them.

  9. You go girl 💪!!!! I love how she's helping people that were wrongly accused by the justice system … Something that's actually good to focus on. She's helping citizens bless her heart !!! She's the perfect one to do it to 😍 because everybody hates her I love it!!!!

  10. Just when I forgot all about the Kardashians YOU GUYS FORCED ME TO REMEMBER 🙄

  11. 😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙💩💩💩💩💩

  12. Maybe Trump can make a videotape with her too! 😛

  13. This has gone far enough.

  14. Lol Trump loves hanging with the mentally unstable West family

  15. Bubble butt went to the white house. This is something both dems and republicans can agree she and here crazed husbands are jokes.

  16. Stay away from those satanists, Trump

  17. I don't know -Trump does like women and we all know she is a witch who will use power of the P to get what she wants

  18. She's really pushing her luck! Free ALL of the prisoners? Why not! Hollywood POS!

  19. Don't forget to bring Loopy Tariff Trump a video copy of your happy hours. He ought to be very happy too! 😍🤩

  20. I agree that we need prison reform, but I don't think she should be the poster child…

  21. A Kardashian can talk with the president for criminals but as a disabled veteran asking why local inmates get $126/month/inmate for food and 100% disabled veteran's children get $85/month/dependent for food, clothing, dental I get no response. Go figure maybe if I was a wh*re he'd care.

  22. And she looks more and more like a black woman…this is coming from a black woman

  23. Why are people so angry? Criminal justice reform is an issue, for both sides, if Kim Kardashian can use her fame and money to bring attention to it, what’s the issue? If it was some random nobody doing it; there would be no meeting; no media; no rush; nothing. Get off your high horses.

  24. Hahahahhahahahaaaaaaa…..you cant make this up!

  25. A porn star and a pervert all in The White House 😂😂😂

  26. Kim Kardashian going west from middle east to right side or left side facing what?
    Hope she lands in right place.

  27. What world are we living in right now????

  28. He has time to waste on that dolt?

  29. Deportation of Caucasians

  30. Time for a finger 💥💩

  31. ATTENTION: People in the land of the living…the “Resistance” the democratic, left, socialist, sect, party, those workers of iniquity & evildoers, & the “Resistance” little league fake, lying news…cnn, msnbc, abc, cnbc, cbc, bbc, cbsn, huffpost, the hill, time, newyork times, nyt editorial board, the wall street journal, the washington post, associated press, global news, usa today, slate, los angeles times, deadline, rolling stone, wired, the star, the Hollywood reporter, axios, national review, new york, vox, fortune, vice us, washington examiner, apple news, vogue, the atlantic, elite daily, business insider, wwd, vanity fair, mother jones, bloomberg, week, daily mail, mother jones, boston globe, the new yorker, npr, national post, esquire, politico, town&country, tmz, the conversation, daily beast, qq, mic, the view, 60 minutes, abc news, disney, youtube, twitter, face book, apple, google, amazon, the independent, mashable, drudge report, advocate, the hachette, medium, book group, wilkimedia, yahoo/entertainment/finance, people, bazaar, microsoft, mozilla, quartz, newsweek, reuters, south china morning post, marie claire, uk, at&t, verizon, chamber of commerce, turning point usa, wall street, the eu, et canada, southern poverty law center, chicago tribune, the lincoln project, christianity today, business times, ktuu, the wrap, us news, maclean’s, buzzfeed, pew research center, freedom from religious foundation, mind the gap, refinery29, the telegraph, protect our democracy, the ftc, the world health organization…are all about Pleasure, Power, & Avoidance of Responsibility…pathetic life principles they believe, practice, & bow down to. One more TRUTH…there all LESS THAN NOTHING.

  32. I don't get why people are complaining. Someone trying to do something positive should be praised.

  33. She's irrealvant even to the republicans

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