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Kirstjen Nielsen Called Out While Lying Under Oath

Kirstjen Nielsen Called Out While Lying Under Oath

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Is Kirstjen Nielsen bound for prison? Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

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“During her first hearing before the new Democrat-controlled House of Representatives, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen insisted that the cages Customs and Border Protection (CBP) used to detain migrant and asylum-seeking kids aren’t really cages.

“Sir, they are not cages, they are areas of the border facility that are carved out for the safety and protection of those who remain there while they’re being processed,” Nielsen said during an exchange with House Homeland Security Committee Chair Bennie Thompson (D-MS).

Thompson, unimpressed with Nielsen’s euphemistic description, responded by telling her, “Don’t mislead the committee.”

Thompson wasn’t the only Democrat who didn’t buy Nielsen’s semantic games. Under questioning from Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ) a short time later, Nielsen had a hard time differentiating between CBP’s facilities for detained kids and dog kennels.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. HEY BONNIE ! ! !
    YOU ROCK ! ! ! 🇺🇸
    Keep their asses to the 🔥

  2. Speaking of lying – you guys miss-quote her and then judge her based on your lies rather than what she said. This is evident from the clips you play and your comments that follow. You made a couple of comments that seemed to say you believe Trump lies all the time. I don't know if that's correct. But I've seen a massive stream of lies from Democrats. And I've seen Hillary lie to congress and the public at large. Did you have any comments on her lying or other Democrats lying? Is this some kind of contest to see who can lie more than Trump? Looks like you guys are winning.

  3. She was not evil enough for trump..  Gas the kids at the border, go trump MAGA

  4. Republicans are keeping Hispanic children in cages because they don't think they're as human as white people. Plain and simple

  5. Well done Nielson – one of the best members of Trump cabinet he will. regret forcing her out of her job!. She understood the crisis on the border she was working in a facility built by Obama /Bush – no support and fiunds made. available to improve conditions. PRESENTERS so biased no wonder USA is collapsing with Media reaction like this Remember anyone can destroy what should be acknowledged is that those who can create are the special ones!. Media will never have to sort out the "mess" that California has become despite Slilicon Valley success but the can criticise Trump for failure to stop. USA collapsing!

  6. Call them kennels and the treatment is more obvious

  7. Sure hope that positive people surmount the negative people.

  8. If Nielsen is found lying to Congress send her to prison! She tries to finesse her way through the questions instead of giving a straightforward answer. Her body language shows she's a liar

  9. White supremacists are all throughout this administration!! 45 is not the only mentally disturbed everyone that follows his ideology!!

  10. Who is going to prison for the rape of these children!!

  11. She knows she’s untouchable while Trump is in power.

  12. omfg…
    'They're not cages'. Sure, they're fencing, fashioned into a box… wait…

    Trump is the only person who can think he's trying to dissuade illegal immigration by busing underage illegal immigrants all over the country; ensuring they would be here to get arrested in future.
    Trump didn't separate children from their families over immigration. He did it because he supports privatized prisons and wanted these kids here to feed into that.

  13. So-called white people are retarded

  14. I disagree with tyt for pushing lies…just watch the jimmy dore show

  15. Wait these guys r still on how many times where they caught thelling lies
    Like this why is is different when Obama did this is it just because trump is president card
    Also blame the parents charge the parents for putting these kids trough that or that would not be political correct?

  16. these people under trump admin is pissing me off even his followers are into slavery

  17. Title still clickbaity AF. I can’t believe I still haven’t learned my lesson yet.

  18. Dont bring your kids and they wont be locked up

  19. Kelly Anne Conway when asked what's her book about?😨alternative facts😲🎯🤔kristen = detention space = aliens need larger😈💣space

  20. The people that are lying are the democrats saying thy want secure borders. They are traitors. They are using the constitution to destroy the constitution. They want the banning of free speech/press and authoritarian rule.

  21. funny thing is those kids are living better in detainment camps than they did in their own country. These communists are making a mountain out of a molehill. Oh and I am damn sure not a chump fan. I hate cowards. But the fact remains that this is all over hyped bullshit. These people are making money off ratings exploiting these kids. You should all be ashamed of your selves.

  22. If only people made so much of a fuss about the jail and prison systems that Americans are living in. American citizens are living in 100 times worse conditions than air conditioned tents with full facility's! These kids were living ten times better than they were before they got here. You people make this more dramatized than it really is.

  23. Where the hell Trumps get these people…she is a bullshitter!

  24. You liberals are not this stupid, are you? You act concerned about separating children from their parents when it's someone from another country but you don't care when it happens multiple times more often to American citizens. You guys just say and text whatever you are told but you should think about the bullshit you put forth from more than one perspective. You guys need to wake up soon. Truly sad how stupid democrats have become.

  25. Eight years and Cink NEVER REPORTED ONCE on the facilities when his butt-buddy Obummer was in office. You and your skewered broadcast are a hypocritical JOKE Cink.

  26. Lock her up. Nielsen is a fake blonde b….

  27. She should be in jail now for lying Uber oath. Why do they get a free pass?

  28. It is utterly reprehensible that children are separated from their parents. The terror they must go through. Sick fucks!!!

  29. These low lifes have lied and been cruel all their lives. Can you possibly imagine being children of these sleezes? I feel for them. Their lives must be miserable. Money is more important than their own families. She is just like trump. A disgusting group of immorals! VOTE trump out so these sleezes have to go with him.

  30. She is just another simple minded trump crook and puppet!

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