Kohli not in favour of four-day Tests

Virat Kohli on India looking ahead to the T20 World Cup and his thoughts on four-day Tests.

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  1. There is no point in reducing days, It is not gonna bring new fans to the stadium,Because its still 4 days. Those who have pure love for cricket will come to the stadium anyway, be it a 5 day or 4 day test match. D/N test is the best option at this point.

  2. Day night test match is better

  3. Well said , 5 days are perfect .

  4. Kohli Will Become MOM Tomorrow 👍

  5. Test match = 4 days means
    Football match = 70 minutes !!
    Ekdam Bakwas Idea 🤨👎

  6. Let's take a poll here
    4 day tests – like
    5 days – comment

  7. Who All Think That Virat Kohli Is Fit For Team INDIA'S Captain

  8. Super epsn for ur qustions to all crickers

  9. Jisko dekhna hoga wo 5 din bhi dekhega (meri trah)
    Or jo nhi dekhte wo 2 din ka test bhi nhi dekhenge.

  10. Kohli the legend. Love from Pakistan

  11. Yeah im against 4 day test matches aswell.
    The 5th day is usually necessary in a test match to get a result.
    I think 4 day tests means we will see a lot more drawn matches, which no one is looking forward to.

  12. Exactly virat bhai I too feel the same ….
    Well said 👌🙌

  13. Nobody Likes Four Day Tests

  14. This how a genius captain speak…he nailed it.

  15. Real maza toh 5th day hi ata hai. ….. Like if u agreee

  16. WELL SAID VIRAT ne VIRAT jaise baat ki on T20I WORLD T20 & 4 DAY TEST

  17. No four day tests. Only when test matches are getting one sided these kind of beserk ideas come up. Or else test matches will be thrilling until day five.

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