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KSI Reveals Why He Doesn't Like Logan Paul

KSI Reveals Why He Doesn't Like Logan Paul

Etika is detained in front of 19,000 people. KSI talks about the Paul bros on a new podcast. Plus – Tana takes her content to a new level.
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It’s over between Kate Beckinsale, 45, and Pete Davidson, 25. After just a few months of dating, the pair have split, sources told Page Six. While fans were most intrigued by their 20 year age gap, an insider told the site that it was actually how public Pete’s lifestyle was that ended up being a problem for them – not the age difference. “Even though Kate has been in Hollywood for a long time, she struggled with the attention on her relationship with Pete. He lives his life with his heart on his sleeve,” the source said.

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Pete Davidson, 25, & Kate Beckinsale, 45, Split: Couple Ends Fling After 3 Mos. Of Dating

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Etika Releases Medical Documents After NYPD Breaks Into His Home


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  1. I just noticed that the background music is played on my plane

  2. dont know the name of the host of hollywoodlife. But she sounds like a leach

  3. who remembers when KSI called himself "God" 😂 KSI-"its more of a ego thing"

  4. 1:20 is what you came here for

  5. Just call your channel paulbroslife

  6. KSI your take on Chocolate City you'd make the perfect Chippendales Dancer ! Cool Documentary on the inception of Chippendales dancers https://itunes.apple.com/ca/movie/chippendales-off-the-cuff/id1453075425

  7. Funny he says Logan not tough but got his ass kicked 😂 before you hate on me I'm not picking sides , I don't even watch them but my friend made me watch the fight and from my outside opinion Logan won

  8. KSI really gained weight,damn.

  9. Why does this girl/host always talk in front of that green screen? I mean that is the same "office" video you can find on website templates for small business site creators.

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  11. He is scared to fight logan again

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  15. can I just say ksi has a bigger ego than Logan just saying

  16. Me:**Reads the title**:
    Me:Well no shit

  17. 1:20 why hyperX logo is hidden?

  18. Ksi has the biggest EGO on fucking earth lol

  19. Ksi Has 100 times More Ego then Logan Paul. Clearly He is just jealous from Logan Paul. He needs to shut his mouth and I just can’t wait to see Logan Paul Beating his Large Egoistic Ass in the Rematch ..#teampaul

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