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KT McFarland praises Trump’s decision making involving Iran, China

Former Deputy National Security Adviser KT McFarland praised President Trump’s ordering of the Navy to ‘shoot down and destroy’ any Iranian vessels that harass American ships. #FoxBusiness #Dobbs

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  1. This woman is probably more tougher than Pompeo. Make her as the head of the security department or the secretary of the state.

  2. Why puting news about a USA ship. every USA shipt has a radius of how close any one can get to the ship. any one that gets close will be shot down not matter what. the Captains will not call the president to see if they need to shoot or not. by that time it would be to late. What Trump needs to do is just declare a war to any country so people can talk about that war and not of how he is handling the virus.

  3. We can all think President Trump for things becoming the way they should have always been ! !
    Now let's arrest the career overpaid politicians spreading propaganda and Sedition here in our own country ! !
    Let's get some term limits and pay ceilings of $50,000 a year in place ! !

  4. Stand up to the chicoms and watch them back down down,gotta luv it.. cA

  5. The United states has been made a mockery by the dissension of elected officials in the pockets of corporations. They should be jailed as any other citizen but more harshly due to their public standing.

  6. I like her. No b.s. just calling it like it is

  7. Lou Dobbs acts like he's not current on the CCP targeting our weaker allies. The CCP has exerted its influence in a multi-prong fashion to weaken our allies and the West in general. These allies look to the US to lead in the West's response.

  8. K.T. McFarland for Vice President ! Trump/McFarland 2020………

  9. KT sounds like the "voices" I hear inside my tiny head — except for a few quibbles…. Eg. Boris Johnson, a sitting PM, got the Wuhan virus. What's with the naming of the thing "corona" anyway?

  10. Of course Fox Business is pushing war as a business.


  12. take no crap from anyone and you get RESPECT!

  13. If it was Obama he would have one of OUR ships in the region hand deliver a brief case full of money. 💰

  14. Screw the U N, its a waste. Bunch of political idiots who are looking out for their own interests. Sounds like the Democrats

  15. But the U N has been known as useless for years and still nothing is done. Except by TRUMP ..

  16. Hooray for Trump and the USA, wish we had him at the helm in South Africa

  17. accusing others to justify their incompetence, it's very easy, poor u.s.a

  18. No Vessel should be permitted to get within a 2-mile radius of any military vessel, whether they're above or below the water.
    Also, I'm pleased she pointed out the issue that China did use this Virus as a weapon to soften up western targets.


  20. America should stop funding the United Nations & world Health Organization they do nothing for us .the United Nations cost the taxpayers a lot of money

  21. Congratulations Iran on the satellite launch. Great job. The radical evangelicals in Washington will never succeed in their plans for a shia holocaust.

  22. The good guys? Youre not good.

  23. He know what should be done as POTUS . Less talk do more it seems been done .

  24. This sounds like the alliance spoken of in Revelation.

  25. That was not a Sat launch, it was an ICBM test launch.

  26. Smitten in the Mitten,KT,rock on ,love your insights.

  27. We the people should we allowed to open up our red states and open up all CHURCH'S



  30. hyenas shouldn't be playing with a lion…remember the hyena killer

  31. chinese army already had aircraft distroyer missile which will sink the supper carries, but fools are celebrating more aircraft carrier.

  32. America should spend the 2 billion dollar/day defence budget on its millions of poor and homeless instead of causing trouble, looking for wars around the world.

  33. in near future americans arrogance will be dealt with one way or the other, many nation are rising up by the the next time americans start a war i'm 100% they loose.

  34. This is a pea brain. There will be no winners. The situation will escalade
    until there is a precipitating incident.
    Some losers will be better off than others and they will have dominion over what is left of the world.
    Stop thinking like a divorcee.

  35. A fight? Trump is now interested!!! Cool..

  36. 🤣🤮 what are you talking about… absolutely ridiculous

  37. China already attacked the world…

  38. Hi from ASIA,

    China or other Asian nations dont look at america like it use to be.

    America has enough in distroying other nations and take advantage of other nations in order to play the dollar as you wish.

    You have made and brain washed asia to go against China,

    Afterall, China is not a country that love or make stories to have war with other nations.

    America need to understand that people dont need america cause they can handle by themself at their region.

    America is so evil compare to China. Just because the america dollar is the world currency therefore you can be the good guy in helping others? Wake up people, we gave you and supported you before.

    Tell me something what if the dollar is not the world currency, the americans will be just the same as other nations. You ate not God of the world.

    Safe your own country will be wiser dude, america is collapsing and the people need help from america's fake economy, stocks and currency. Enough being clown.

    Peace w love you the world.

  39. Stop with the Iran warmongering, DeathT! This is all the neocons fulfilling Israel's wettest dream and war agenda.

  40. Leftist governors, Cuomomunist the president of New York included, praises China.

  41. I would not advise iran to try "tweeking" President Donald Trump's nose at a time like this. It could be deadly. President Trump and "We the people" have had enough of iran. Period.

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