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Kudlow: Pelosi has been very accommodating on USMCA

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow on the USMCA and the latest on U.S. China trade negotiations. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Send Maria over there to feed the Chinese. She looks like Mis Piggy. 🐖 🐖 🐖. Maria your a dumb pork dumpling.

  2. China hurt so bad…wtf is he talking about! They don't seem to be running to the table to finish a deal. Stop the propoganda BS that had been used with Japan 20yrs ago.

  3. I believe that poopooloosie is too much of a hypocrite to be trusted at all. She would have to change her views significantly to trust her, and even shaver and others like nadler, schummbagger would also have to go through a dramatic enveloped with long-lasting sustained change of views would have to be displayed.
    Frankly, I believe that poopooloosie, schummbagger, nadler, schifty Schiff brennan, Clapper, Mueller and many more must begin to behave like the constitution means something sacred to them. Then the fourdizzy, deceitful dizzy chicks be replaced in office and some DEPORTED.

  4. This guy is a piece of excrement that stinks to high heaven he has to climb up latter to snub his his arrogant noes.

  5. Why is it that this deal, USMCA, been sitting on a shelf somewhere collecting dust?!

  6. All parties support the USMCA, but the Dems are so full fo hatred. Mexico passed this agreement months ago, but our Dem run Congress is talking about impeachment instead of passing this deal arranged by President Trump. Get off your @$$es obstructionist Dems!

  7. down with the traitress Pelosi. In Cali she conned us into believing she was on our side and we can never get rid of her now. (I speak as a former liberal and “ciswoman”, btw.)

  8. So are you guys demanding Moscow Mitch bring all the house passed bills to the floor in the Senate?? Nope…


  10. With due respect to Kudlow and those who have negotiated USMCA, the relationship with Mexico might need to be completely rethought.

  11. If she has been accommodating on the USMCA the bill would’ve been put on the floor and voted on by now! She does not wanna bring it forward because she does not want to seen giving a win to the president!

  12. Kudlow is definitely A-Team. It's good to have 'experts' back in charge. Great job Mr Director! Thanks for your expertise and candor.

  13. The Dems know they don't get this done by the 2020 election they're done for. They definitely do not want to give that is he speaking point for the Republicans. Even if they have to give up a win to Trump. Of course they will claim it as a win for their Salf

  14. these things take time to take effect before you know the full impact .at least trump and co.are moving in the right directon.👍👌😊

  15. This deal is bigger than China

  16. People have been trying to get Trump out if presidency because he is on to their illegal behaviors and they know their going down

  17. Is my opinion that the democrats should let the president Donald Trump be the commander in charge and let America be great again 🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸

  18. Pelosi lies. If she were for the American people this USMCA would have already passed and signed by the President. Kudlow is trying to use praise to get her to move. Watch what the socialists do, not what they say they will do. They lie for power.

  19. You know, even if I found out that Maria’s interviews were pre-scripted to any extent, I would STILL just love her! She’s a tiger!
    I think she’s very smart and super intuitive. She sees through the bull-crap “veil” .
    There are a handful of very good conservative leaning female journalists these days, and she’s one of them!
    You go, woman, you ggggo!

  20. If president Donald Trumps business was as slow as the government he would be out of a job

  21. American steel and iron ore companies are still struggling and need more help.

  22. Pelosi is just trying to steal Trump’s (righteously so & well deserved!) thunder!

  23. Needles and Poops Nancy. Potty train your district. PLEASE HELP MAGA

  24. I like watching interviews with Maria. She keeps it going and knows how to steer it with out interrupting the guest while they are answering the questions she is asking.

  25. 👍 to Larry Kudlow! A true American! Thank God President Trump has some of the greats working with our greatest President EVER, PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP! 👍👍💪💪🇺🇸

  26. Yes but the lousy lying Democrats want the credit for what President Trump is accomplishing, yet wouldn't the USA be that much greater if the lousy stinking Democrats would just step on the Trump train for once in their sorry life and do the right thing!

  27. Never believe the democrats, never, never, never, never, ever, ever forget what they did to us americans.

  28. So far Pelosi has not been trustworthy. I'll believe it when I see it.

  29. Remove all, all patents and blueprints from the internet until you get a handle on security.

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