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Kudlow: The left has painted a picture of 'gloom, doom, and deep recession'

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow discusses what to expect from President Trump’s State of the Union address.

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  1. Nancy calls it crumbs…
    An extra 2/3 thousand a year. Is making a huge difference to people like me. Crumbs. That Nancy Piloce would not ever deem to brush off her banquet table to we the peasants class.
    Shes had a long run… it's over.
    She will never live that DECLARATION DOWN


  3. No not just the left, anybody who has been paying attention to the fundamentals of the markets instead of taking the word of a coke head like you Kudlow.

  4. DNC 2020 theme song….."Gloom, Despair, and Agony on Me …..Deep dark depression, excessive misery. If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all. Doom, Despair and Agony on Me! Hee Haw!

  5. Whitmer's response was pathetic.

  6. The only reason I put "Cognitive Dissonance" into the conversation on the web. a year ago was to try and help my fellow Americans who have been injured by the deception and mind control games of these professional Socialist Dems and fake news propaganda media … I did it in hopes they would be curious enough about the term to research it and find out what it means , and perhaps see they are affected by it and have been injured … please don't just go throwing "Cognitive Dissonance" around Mr. Kudlow like it's some weapon for you to use at your pleasure … please DO NOT use this medical condition as some cheap political word weapon Mr. Kudlow !!!

  7. Poverty is at an all time high, I'm not sure how you want to paint that Larry…I'm guessing a success….

  8. 2% growth=greatest economy ever lol

  9. This Congress present more of a Threat to this nation then any other entity on the planet. PATHETIC.

  10. All the women who attend the state of the union speech should wear red, wholly red, not even an earring of a different color, and all the men should wear blue, solid blue. Then we could see the nature of sexism in this nation.

  11. With the Democrats sitting there as the economy grows, they will look back. Even to the students who have been programmed for most of their lives.

  12. They can't stop the Trump train

  13. Larry is the coolest guy in Washington

  14. As the effects of Trump's rollback of environmental protections become more severe, we will have a depression like none other.

  15. "the top 1% only have 13%"

  16. The DNC is the most the anti-American party, Dems seem to want a dictatorship where they can tell us what we want

  17. Dems are not crooked , they just lie cheat and steal.

  18. To all you anti-Trumpers… Check your 401K! That, of course is if you work for a living.
    2020 – Re-Elect President Trump & vote ALL democrats out of the House & Senate

  19. Democrats want people to believe that this kind of economy was no longer possible, and that the economically under water days of Obama were the 'new normal'. They are really angry that Trump is showing everyone how wrong and dishonest the democrats are.

  20. ive noticed some shared traits by typical trump haters
    they usually have “little man syndrome or some sort of issues with sharing the limelight. like they are intimidated because trump takes focus away from them.
    its the craziest thing and u will notice it now too.

  21. TRUMP 2020 REPUBLICAN 2020

  22. Equity market would be good if you could actually invest… can’t get access to the market without tech infrastructure compromise problems & fraudulent/scammer brokerages stealing funds in some way or another… those aren’t new problems they just haven’t improved… Another problem is rent went up >20% in just the previous year even with underlying property prices flat to down after adjustment using the rigged inflation baskets in the same market… (eg you got screwed if you bought and you got screwed if you rented) manipulating markets to systematically have absurdly excessive rents compared to incomes is a known economic warfare tactic that destabilizes nations and doesn’t create any real new utility/competitive value especially in a modern economy. Homelessness is up more than 100% in multiple cities including not overwhelmingly democratic… lack of affordable housing & increases in homeless is costing the economy trillionS… people still haven’t paid/provided good Americans contract obligated resources or even just made a new deal for the new work that was provided… no actual enforcement on those issues at the moment regardless of the fact that a number of the people responsible for that contract fraud are extremist “democrats”…

    You want to improve the economy these are going to need to be addressed adequately regardless of partisanship. Would be interested to hear specific solutions and plans going forward to address these areas of disconnecting performance.

  23. The political puppet masters have already had new hooks sewn into the back of Joe Biden. He's the one most easily manipulated to serve them.

  24. math experts and economists have proven that Bernie sanders policies will break our country and ruin us..it will be a HUGE mistake

  25. Bernie or Liz would bankrupt USA in order for socialists to nationalize health care, energy and medical, like Venezuela

  26. To be clear, Nancy Pelosi is definitely a holler back girl.

  27. Bernie is a Communist…. Dems want to ruin the American people.

  28. Bernie will not live to see inauguration. He is literally dying.

  29. the evil;; rino msm demonkkkcommierat traitorts song !!! gloom despair agony on me. deep dark depression ,excessive misery. if it weren`t for bad luck ,I`d have no luck at all .,gloom despair ands agony on me !!!!!!!! red tsunami trump pence 2020 magakag !!!!!!

  30. the picture of 'gloom, doom and deep recession' is a self portrait…

  31. Watching Larry Kudlow defend tariffs, $29 billion farmer bailouts, trade wars, and government intervention is almost as much fun as it would be to watch Mike Pence defend Planned Parenthood.

  32. I admire Larry Kudlow Very much.

  33. What did Larry kudlow have to say about deficits, when the Democrats were in control. LARRY IS AN IDIOT. REMEMBER WHEN HE SAID THE ECONOMY WASN'T GOING TO CRASH, WELL IT DID

  34. To be clear, the left wants a revolution to fundamentally change this country. But happy people don't revolt. The left must first make the people of this country very unhappy.

  35. Vote for Bernie Vote for Warren Vote for recession.

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