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Kyle Kulinski: "No Such Thing As A Little Bit Of Torture"

Kyle Kulinski: "No Such Thing As A Little Bit Of Torture"

Is Tulsi too soft on torture? Ana Kasparian and Kyle Kulinski break it down on #NoFilter. https://www.tyt.com/ana

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Cast: Ana Kasparian


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  1. Kyle gave a lot of credit to Tulsi, and and rightly so – but im sure Ana was fuming inside.

  2. Torture should be used against terrorists.

  3. Venus torture simulator

  4. I have no problem with Gabbards comments on torture. The ticking time-bomb argument is more valid than any argument we've used to bomb civilian targets from Dresden to Baghdad.

  5. lol Ana is so triggered by the IDW. The guy who came up with that term isn't even a right winger.

  6. Ana talking about intellectual honesty. Alrighty then.

  7. USA torture people it's okay… one (1) USA citizen dies after being jailed in North Korea in suspicious conditions and probably he'd tortured as well… That's horrible – some other country doing torture oh no!!! but USA doing it… who cares 😛 Not USA obviously…

  8. Boy Anna really wants to find things to be critical of with Tulsi…she doesn’t have a personal vendetta at all

  9. No no not warren. She’s such a fake hack

  10. Here's some intellectual honesty: Everyone can see that Ana has an agenda of undermining Tulsi's support. She only attacks her (mostly on an emotional basis) – more than anyone else. It's becoming a parody.

  11. Ana says she criticizes Tulsi and others because she wants them to critically examine reassess and improve. BUT she used a single statement about torture by Tulsi from 5 years ago as the reason she doesnt like to support her, even though every vote since then and in all commentary Tulsi has clearly reexamined and changed to a better position. I think Ana is the one who isng honest about her aim, which is to promote Warren and remove Gabbard.

  12. I think I would prefer a little bit of torture, than a lot of torture lol

  13. Kyle Kulinski is the best out there.

  14. No I think Tulsi came to the defense of Biden because she wants to leave the door open in case he's looking for a female VP pick… I don't like Tulsi because I just don't believe her. Her track record isn't long enough were I can trust her moral compass. She came around way to late on some issues. Issues that anyone running for office should have been clear on long ago… She used to date a staunch republican Micheal Grimm, the guy who threatened to throw a reporter off a balcony for asking him the wrong questions. He also went to jail for tax evasion and fraud. Nothing wrong with dating people you disagree on some issues with, but you cannot tell me you're a real progressive and found it okay to sleep in the same bed with someone who wants to ban abortion, give more funding to is real, repeal Obamacare, etc. The guy wasn't exactly a moderate by any stretch.

  15. Many questions here… without a lot of nuanced answers.

    “Does torture work?” ….is not the same thing as “Isn’t torture morally reprehensible?” ….which isn’t the same thing as “Even if we can show that torture will often (but not always) elicit false information, are there some situations (reasonable belief of imminent threat of terrorist with nuclear bomb, etc.) where, after trying to obtain the information in a civilized way, violating our ethics and using torture is reasonable given the risk of not trying to get the information is so great?”

    I recognize the slippery slope articulated above, but I also believe the above are more accurate representations of the arguments being made.

    Let the unthoughtful responses commence.

  16. Ana: Tulsi's past is bad
    Kyle: ok, but…(defense of Tulsi)
    Ana: Let's talk about how Tulsi is bad for defending Joe Biden…in a tweet
    Kyle: yeah not cool, but….(proceeds to list Tulsi's massive progressive record)
    Ana: yeah, but intellectually speaking, she's a flawed candidate who may move towards establishment politics (as Ana props up establishment WARren)

  17. How about a vid on your war criminal buddy Madeline Albright?

  18. No such thing as "little bit of smear" either 👎

  19. It looks like no capable nominee can take trump's place ! .. is it the end of the US ??

  20. Tulsi is a clown. Would never vote for her in this lifetime.

  21. Bringing up dirt from 5 years ago, even though she's voted the right way since.
    So I ask anyone out there this scenario: 2 pedophiles abduct your kid, and yet the police capture one and had him in custody while the other was still hiding somewhere with your kid. What do you want the cops to do with the one in custody if he refuses to talk, say please?

  22. No such thing as a little bit of seltzer…

  23. Ana is not a progressive; how about that

  24. So I guess now it's time to pick apart every questionable action or vote Bernie has ever done…

  25. I knew Kyle was all about the BERN

  26. Tulsi is a soldier soldiers are taught force solves everything. It’s not at all surprising Tulsi was like, if American lives are at stake and somebody zapped someone and made them talk so be it, before reading the report and like, shit wait a minute this never works?
    Her voting record is on knowledge back her reasoning.
    Kasparian just doesn’t like her and would rather vote for Trump.

  27. Lol you edited this vid like dog shit

  28. Ana: when do you ever criticize elizabeth warren though..? i haven't seen it… you just casually throw in 'i have some issues with her foreign policy' and that's that. you never get into any of it.

  29. Right, I think she was trying to walk the line on that answer. It wasn't flattering. But the rest of her work outweighs that one mistake by miles, especially given that her actual vote went against torture. Plus, we didn't have the same understanding of torture that we do today. And no, Ana, you don't get a "mob" after you every time you criticize Tulsi, because when Kyle does it that "mob" doesn't come out. Why? Because Kyle's criticism is fair and balanced out by positive coverage; your's is not. TYT has conducted a blackout of Tulsi and decided to attack her supporters (the cultist comment, anyone?), as you just did again. The interesting thing is that we were once your supporters too…

  30. Kyle also criticizes Tulsi from time to time, yet he doesn't get backlash, why? Because he doesn't smear her like Ana did.
    I find it a bit disappointing coming from Ana.

  31. It seems like most people didn’t even watch this conversation. Ana literally gave credit to Tulsi on voting against the use of torture.

  32. I'm glad Ana finally admitted that Tulsi is a progressive…after saying on the main show "Tusli Gabbard is not a progressive" I'd say you need to have this convo on the main show and maybe even say your sorry for attacking her that way. I'm so sick of TYT thinking they alone can decide if your a progressive or not!

  33. Kyle = analysis
    Ana = bashing
    Secular Talk > Tyt

  34. When has Ana or TYT for that matter ever criticize Warren for actually being a warhawk? I'll wait

  35. ana, when do you ever criticize elizabeth warren though..? i haven't seen it… you just casually throw in 'i have some issues with her foreign policy' and that's that. you never get into any of it.

  36. Any chance Anna gets she'll take a shot at Tulsi Gabbard and run some damage control on her girl Elizabeth WARMONGER Warren… Shame

  37. Warren is a fuckin warhawk and tyt is pushing her endlessly try a little consistency Ana

  38. Agree. Tulsi should of called out Biden's segregation tweet. Depends on the bi-partisanship… Biden will be a disaster if nominated.

  39. Water boarding is not torture.

  40. Too much talk from Kyle. He is a centrist on race issue, that's why he is popular on YouTube.

  41. Everyone go watch funky town on deathaddict and then tell me torture is never necessary against the evils that humankind can be.

  42. The standard of the US is to not negotiate with terrorists. The KKK is a terrorist organization. It is therefore legitimate to criticize Biden for his acquiescence to Republican/Dixiecrat lawmakers, many of whom were cozy with the KKK at the time.

  43. Kyle and Ana are my mommy and daddy. This is my wetdream of an interview😂

  44. Finally, one of Bernie's zombies is telling the truth and not hiding the bad deeds of their favorite candidates. TYT, Secular Talk….. go after all the candidates but with Bernie and his team- kid gloves. I have been complaining about that sociopath and her taste for torture for many months and what did I get from Bernie's supporters- name calling and threats. Bernie's bad deeds should come out too.

  45. Kyle is such a spirit of real democracy. He's always a great addition to these difficult topics

  46. Ana Kasparian
    still attacking Tulsi i wish she was this critical with warren and sanders, jesus did Tulsi sleep with her man or something.

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