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Kylie Jenner, 17, Moving In With Tyga, 25

Kylie Jenner, 17, Moving In With Tyga, 25

Kylie Jenner buys a new house is reportedly moving in with alleged boyfriend Tyga.

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  1. no cuz he still in love with BLAC CHYNA an remotes say it not to date Kylie Jenner really she like 17 an tuba like in his 20's an change her instagram to king Kylie domes like to tuba just wants to play themselves back to back. I MEAnBLAC CHYNA an TYGA all had king cario just seem to me that he joying going BEEFS WITH EACH OTHER😡🔥😣😱😡😡😢😕😲😵😮👊👎💪💏

  2. I am 17 right now, I am looking for a job 😂

  3. you're stupid. 😂😂😂 Kylie is not 17 nomore. lmao. this page is stupid.

  4. why does kylie need such a big house

  5. It's not that wrong there six years apart there are people who are more then 6 years apart so no that's not wrong or creepy

  6. Well there are loads of couples with an age gap such as Angelina Jolie and brad Pitt. Beyoncé and jay z

  7. what the hake I even said it on install for her b day it's akward can't he go to jail fa that I love #kingkylie😘😜✌ but geez tooooo wrong😯😧😧😧😧

  8. It's nice of them to live together it's there life not your 👊

  9. I find it really sweet that hes willing to move in fof a month

  10. It's fine for him to move in they love each other don't try to change that who cares about the ages

  11. Why should tyga move in with her ifhe has a 6.5 million dollar mansion which I way better

  12. it's funny how so many people have a problem with this cause it's "morally wrong" but if she was 18 and he was 26 it would be fine to MOST of you.  she's 17 almost 18. The bitch knows what she's doing


  14. I reckon it's not bad it's up to her to make the decisions and her mistakes if she is ready then let it be don't hold it against her she's not 15 or 16 she is 17 and almost adult I know most will judge let it be.

  15. Fucking lie. All you guys ever do is LIE. She isn't moving in with him. She bought a bought a house on her own. God you guys LIE too much.

  16. when she turns 18 they will only be 7 years apart, its really not all that. especially as they both get older, age doesnt matter so much. you people are judgemental as hell, they love eachother and im sure tyga denies being in a relationship in hopes that people will leave him the hell alone.

  17. You not legal until you're out of your teens so what she almot 18 she's still a teenager

  18. …..so daddy has to stay there maybe buy her toys and Mcdonalds

  19. It wouldn't be surprising if he's banging her to get his career going. Sadly, her family has the money and connections that Blac Chyna doesnt

  20. i think its weird coz he has a son

  21. Wouldn't that be considered rape? Or technically? I mean he's 8 years older. And she's not even 18.

  22. Can we say pedophile. Grown man with a teenage girl.

  23. Lie lie lie why you guys never tell the truth!! Just all fake story

  24. "Age is just a number" … In California, the legal age of consent is 18. They've known each other since she was 14 and he was 22. It's been speculations that they started dating a little after her 16th birthday. And even Kanye confirmed in his interview with the Breakfast Club that "They've been dating for a while." So this whole 'no one really knows if they're really dating' thing can stop now.
    I could care less about what their doing NOW, but it's just disturbing to know that Tyga 'fell in-love' with a child. I really think this is for publicity, at least for Tyga. I think Kylie truly loves this man, and it's going to be horrible when he breaks her heart.

  25. Kylie looks so different without makeup.

  26. They are a cute couple. O wouldnt want anyone to judge me with my boyfriend. So they are cute

  27. Why the hell do u need an entire mansion to urself at 17? So if ur scared get ur mom or ur dad to come stay with u. For gods sake she's still at that age where she might need a nightlight.

  28. On BD they won't last I will put down all the money I have made in my life.

  29. Kylie is going to be just like Kim. 

  30. They be rich af and dont give af what you guys think. Lol

  31. I think that they are in a bit of rush, but I also believe that in case they move on, this can only be good for their relationship.

  32. Flat out wrong and how did the kardahsians even become famous and how did the jenners become famous?

  33. Idk other bs but all i know is that Kylie is goin to get her pussy pound

  34. Not to be racist but this is totally a #whitegirlproblem  who the fuck lets their daughter spend 2.7 on a freaking house that's outrageous , and we all no dam well tyga is trying to tap that ass

  35. I think it's Ight but y yahh thinking he got her pregnet

  36. I don't think is okay. At that age nobody is mature enough to have a serious relationship, people are in love with love not with a person plus she's gonna regret ir on a future though she has to learn from her own mistakes, like her sisters did. What can you expect from a crazy family.

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