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Kylie Jenner Baby Stormi & Lip Kit Empire Making Kim Kardashian Jealous? | Hollywoodlife

Kylie Jenner Baby Stormi & Lip Kit Empire Making Kim Kardashian Jealous? | Hollywoodlife

Kylie Jenner is inspiring jealousy with her new baby Stormi and new Ferrari from Travis Scott. But is Kim Kardashian her biggest hater of all? Plus, why isn’t Kendall Jenner modeling much anymore?

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After giving birth to daughter Stormi Webster on Feb. 1, Kylie Jenner, 20, received one heck of a push present! While most new moms are gifted with a sentimental piece of jewelry, Kylie of course got a rare and wildly expensive car. It’s not clear whether the Ferrari LaFerrari was given to her by baby daddy Travis Scott, 25, or whether she purchased the hybrid sports vehicle herself. But although the makeup mogul is totally loving her new wheels, her family is actually kind of disgusted by the over-the-top present. We can’t say we blame them either, I mean, Kylie’s car, while gorgeous, cost a whopping $1.4 million!

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Is Kim Kardashian Kylie Jenner’s Biggest Hater?| Hollywoodlife


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  1. Yea and she dint have to fuck a huge cock to be famous fuck that nasty slut kim

  2. Why should she be jealous she open the door for all them with out her they want be Kylie

  3. Kylie seems too cool for school, i hope she ignores them and lives her life i cant stand bullies

  4. The family name Kylie isn’t a Kardashian lmfaooo!!!

  5. no i wont subscribe stop asking fuqq!!! and we already know kim has psychiatric issues nothing new, next

  6. I swear I’m hoping someone stabs there plastic boobs and ass see how many people will still be with them. Stop showing on my feed I honestly don’t give a fuck, I’m not a fan of none of them they’re just bitches who flaunts and flaunts about anything. Kylie is a wanna be Kim, we all know this Kylie got everything done she’s like an ugly ass Barbie and all the Kardashian’s are petty but they have stupid fans who likes them. Move on! I already heard about Kylie thinking she’s better than anyone if I was a celebrity I would of beat the shit out of her so she can wake the fuck up. If she’s really driving my patience level high but I don’t care I’ll care when her fans turns against them and they actually work and do something with their lives without no assistant or helpers, they wake up to people doing their make up Kylie has four mansions that she doesn’t need there are most people out there who has nothing and she spoiled I hate her I hope she wakes tf up before something bad happens. I honestly don’t give a fuck what it is! Shut up about the Jenner family they’re all fake Kylie is probably incest by her behavior with Kendall but who cares! Most of you actually made incest happen in many States and many Places. You guys actually allow it so what’s the fucking point? They’re all rich who cares let me know when they got their tits and ass popped by fans and when they got beat the fuck up. That’s when I’ll care all because I want it to happen but until then stop showing up on my feed and worry about yourself, how would you feel if someone flows you and gets information 24/7 you’d be fucking annoyed. Honestly shut up about the Kardashian’s they all want attention they’re getting more and Kylie went from a twig to an hourglass. They all flaunt without thinking, shut the hell up because most of these celebrities do the same exact thing on any social media and I want you to remember this your fucking fault a lot of you made them famous they look down on you like you’re nothing and focus on themselves. That’s your problem the ones who made them famous in the first place like when Kylie was outside saw a black woman twirl a sign saying “what the fuck are you doing, girl?” Shes stupid she’s just a bitch who got famous because of her stupid fans and doesn’t care about nobody but herself she probably knew she was gonna get hate because of her behavior and lied about being pregnant then realized that if she has this baby she’ll get more attention that’s all Kylie wants. Whose fault is it? The fans! You got them there so blame yourself!

  7. Out with the old (kim) in with the new (kylie) I suppose. Kim getting older now everyone wants younger. Sorry kimye

  8. how old is kim btw? the older you get….the less relevant you become….as for kylie she is young, she's beautiful, has a successful makeup line and that's what the people want to see.

  9. Wow kim made a sex tape whetas kylie made lips kits so why is kim dying 😂

  10. Why is Kim's net worth suddenly 175 million 🤔 correct me if I'm wrong but didn't they say Kylie made the most money out of ALL her sisters last year? Kind of makes me wonder what Kim may have done to earn that kind of money🤷‍♀️ hopefully nothing illumanti related but you never know…

  11. Kim also benefitted from being Paris Hilton's stylist . So why will she be jealous of kylie

  12. I like Kylie, she is a very smart business woman, she looks more sexy. Other family members are definitely jel 😆 even though it shouldn’t be that why. She is miles ahead of her sisters

  13. They are not battling.. they are just happy with their babies

  14. Kim is sooo jealous it's sad 😭

  15. Jealousy it happens when you have plenty of money

  16. I like Kim and all but for real unlike KYLIE she didn’t use porn to get fame. She made a name for herself. She may be related to the Kardashian’s but between them, her and Kendal they actually work to earn the famous title. Bruce JENNER was famous for being an olympian. Kendal JENNER is a model. And KYLIE has her lip kit. And I assume the rest of the Jenner’s side are actually famous for something even if they’re over shadowed by the kardashians. Kris who can’t keep her pants on and Kim with her sex tape like come on. Either way Kim is still making money so why is she hating.

  17. Travis bought kylie a Ferrari. Gosh so sweet. Hater listen you see that car it is already paid Gift. K more love.

  18. More chics copying Masika… Authenticity… Is dead. 2018 sad asfxck…
    Daaaaamn, come up with your OWN shit….

  19. When they recorses I wonder what they are talking about

  20. Kylie will be literally a Billionaire by the year 2020, that's only 2 years from now , and she is only 20 years old right now. Hell Yes Kim is jealous. Kim will never out top that . Little sister has big sister thrown under the bus and didn't even have to make a sex tape to do it. LOL…..And to think all it took was Kylie launching that lip gloss line. Kim runs out and launches a cosmetic line too. , to late Kim you should of launched that line 10 years ago.., before you ruined your pretty face with all your trips to those Doctors that ruined it. Kim has made her self look so much older than she is. If Kylie doesn't slow down with them hollywierd Doctors she will make the same mistake Kim made.Kylie is beautiful but she does look more like 25 than 20. Stop while your ahead Kylie. Right now Kylie is the most popular woman in the media. .That's got to be killing Kim. God only knows what Kim will pull next to try to regain that status. This is the civil war of the thots. LOL…LOL.. Maby we should vote on who will win…Kylie or Kim. My vote is on Kylie. LOL. Also don't forget about them thots Black Chyna and Amber Rose which one of them whores will stay the most relevant in the year 2018. At the current moment it s looking like Chyna. LOL…LOL……. one more thing…Is it safe to say Kim took a BIG. " L " from Kylie ? LOL

  21. You have made 11 Videos about the kardashians in the past week.

  22. Wow how soiled is Kylie's kid stormi is gonna be on spoiled kid

  23. Kim "might" have paved way for her siblings but she needs to realise that even kings get dethroned. Jealousy is such an ugly trait. esp towards family

  24. Kim is jealous of Kylie, and Kylie is trying to be Kim. Meh seems like family.

  25. I find it kind of sad that they're only famous because of a sex tape. Without it, they'd be nothing

  26. Kylie made 386 million in 2017 alone. Of course Kim is desperate and jealous. Her old age and same tired nudes isn’t helping. Kylie business will reach billion status by 2022 as predicted by the prestigious business magazine. She’s 20 years old. I’m fucking jealous lol. She accomplished more in 4 wars than her sister accomplished in over ten

  27. No one is jealous of kylie…she's like the girls in the ghetto just with money …get real kendall seems to the only one with a brain and class..stop pushing bs

  28. I don't know why the most amazing looking girls seem to always wind up with men who are not even remotely attractive. They can all do so much better.

  29. Kylie studied Kim and made sure to copy every successful move Kim made at a younger age and thus so she was able to become successful faster. But she did get a lot of surgery, she works out, cook, exercises and works hard so even though she’s a copy cat a ruthless business women. I’ll give her credit, she put in work.

  30. Tat mistery man is definatley Brody Jenner lol

  31. God I hate this family. Famous for fuck all.

  32. Oh yeah Kim worked EXTREMELY hard on her back to make the Kardashian name valuable 😂 girl, bye!

  33. Kylie's kid is ugly and not even a blue eyed blonde or ginger. So sad, luckily there's skin bleach.

  34. Idk. I dont think kim minds so much!! Its her little sister!!!. So.

  35. Honestly yall are making up drama for nothing. Like just because Kim posted a pic of her daughter dosen't mean that she did that in response to kylie. Yall are dumb as fuck. Just let Kim live and do what the fuck she wants without Starting drama and unnecessary rumors that might not even be true. Like they are sisters and Kim woulden't even use her daughter in that way (like a competition) between them. They are sisters and I think both of them are happy for eachothers succes. Just stop with the drama.

  36. Kylie……aint self,made she's a millionaire only because she's related to millionaires and,was able to get her foot in the door make up line easy she's a Kardashian if she would have had different last name or not born into this family she would be flipping burgers like the average joe

  37. How could any normal human be bitter about their baby sister's happiness & success? Crazy.

  38. she doesnt want to be a model because she has to eat 2 leaves a day and she realises plastic surgery and sucking dick can get you just as famous

  39. Wow they all like black men??? If I was a Kardashian I would have me a blonde blue eyed doctor

  40. Kim is just mad cause kylie is killing it and she didn't need to make a sex tape or pose nude every 2 days. Kim is just thirsty and needs to fall back and let her sister shine now.

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