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Kylie Jenner Getting Engaged On Her Birthday | Hollywoodlife

Travis Scott might propose to Kylie Jenner and we have all the exclusive details. Plus – Kim Kardashian reveals some intimidate details about Trump pardoning Alice Johnson. #KylieJenner #TravisScott #KimKardashian

Kylie Jenner‘s 21st birthday is coming up on August 10th, but aside from the amazing presents we fully expect Travis Scott to get her, is he planning on giving her an engagement ring? A source close to Travis told us EXCLUSIVELY how he’s pulling out all the stops for her big day that may end with him getting down on bended knee. “Travis wants to put together a huge marriage proposal to Kylie for her birthday,” our source said. “He is thinking of getting on his knee to surprise her by asking to marry him with a huge ring for 21st birthday.”

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Kylie Jenner Getting Engaged On Her Birthday | Hollywoodlife


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  1. quit making assumptions and give us the real deal stuff as well as quit talking too much

  2. Kylie, your lucky your baby is cute because your boyfriend is butt ugly with one of the largest mouths. Hope storming doesn't inherit his looks. Stormi looks like true and they both look like chicago. Get me??? Did you guys take braiding lessons because their hair will be kinky and you can't use relaxer on toddlers, but in their future, it will be braids, relaxers, extensions and wigs. Hope you have black hairdressers who can do their hair. Kim even had to take lessons if braiding so she could do North's hair. Imaging not being able to do their hair. But you don't care obviously.

  3. Lol They still not married

  4. Yall are so rude, I mean honestly do u really think that Travis and Kylie want u to be posting about Travis proposing, one that spoiles it two that's getting into they're personal business and three if Kylie finds out then it won't really be a surprise. I know that this is what u guys do but I mean think about it this could really be a spoiler for Kylie like if u agree

  5. U is a bitch for saying I’m sorry for saying travis Scott is marrying you on his birthday but then you said no because I have millions of

  6. Travis please grow up and cut those ugly ass braids out. That's my only complaint.

  7. The kardashians has a lot of respect for Travis Scott

  8. Why do I have to ruin this for Kylie now she’s expecting an engagement on her birthday

  9. So being single isn't cool anymore💀

  10. Oh pleased they won't last a year.😑 He is going to cheat on her.

  11. Kylie and Travis scott are a perfect couple together kylie sexy asf travis fav rapper and killertrap la tame la flame 2018 $$$ astro world da best album shit $$$$ ever $$

  12. At least it will get Danielle Bregoli out the picture

  13. Why is he calling her that as if she’s friends with Kylie😂😂

  14. Why is the commentator screaming that loud

  15. What who said that Travis was proposing to Kylie stop making shit up😒

  16. how da fuck do you no datt nigga fuck yiu

  17. Don’t get married for a baby sweetie you’ll be stuck

  18. If he was gonna pop the question you just ruined it

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