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Kylie Jenner Giving Stormi Own Cosmetics Line

Kylie Jenner Giving Stormi Own Cosmetics Line

Stormi is reportedly getting her own makeup line. Lindsay Lohan crushes on Tyga. Plus – Kylie does Kim Kardashian’s make up in a funny video you have to see. #KylieJenner #Stormi #KimKardashian

Stormi Webster, 1, has quite the ear for music — or singing, apparently. Stormi hilariously requested her dad Travis Scott‘s music while listening to an audio clip of her mom Kylie Jenner‘s voice! The baby is seen happily dancing and jamming away to the EDM-inspired tune, but as Kylie says “Yes! You like it?” In response, Stormi excitedly starts exclaiming “Daddy singing? DADDY SINGING!” as Kylie explains, “No baby, that’s mommy!” The hilarious video was posted to Kylie’s Instagram on Thursday, Oct. 17.

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  1. Do you ship Tyga & Lindsay Lohan?

  2. Why do they start every video with met gala footage?

  3. Yas I’m totally buying stormis makup

  4. All they do is talk abt the kardashians

  5. Stupid. Can we quit making these imbeciles rich?

  6. That right Kylie, set tat up for your daughter for the 👉future and setup more for her too, you're doing good young lady.😘

  7. Why does kylie lip looks so small and in pictures so big

  8. Why does kylie lip looks so small and in pictures so big

  9. I swear if it’s not called rise and shine I’m going to go crazy.

  10. Do the Kardashians pay Hollywood Life?

  11. I bet stormi wont be like her mom

  12. I would love for someone to drop a nuke on this whole family.

  13. That merch is just an act of flexing her money she took it too far

  14. Lindsay and Tyga would be a super cute couple! Love it💙. Girl is still rockin it, and I'd personally love to see them both in something happy

  15. I love Kylie with her natural beautiful face!

  16. Kim is Soo beautiful. Happy B-day!

  17. Really nice tax ride off for Kanye!

  18. wtf is this… we are talking about a baby

  19. yall did stormy dirty in the thumbnail😂😂😂😂

  20. What your daughter needs, instead of a cosmetic line, is a father and a family.

  21. Ain't she too young for a cosmetic line

  22. Oh how I missed Ali giving the reports! 😊🙌👍

  23. Y’all did Stormi so dirty in that thumbnail

  24. What the hell is wrong with stormis chin ????

  25. the thumbnail aldnamamsm


  27. Kylie's amazing lips are gone

  28. Yall did stormi dirty with that thumbnail

  29. Im tireeed of kylie jenner! Kylie did that, kylie said that lmao can’t u just come up with new subject !?

  30. I swear if stormi wears makeup when she's 10 yrs old……ima be sad.

  31. Eeewww NOOO!! Didn't Lindsey Lohan sleep with Charlie Sheen?

  32. Is she hiding her lips with that screen ? They look huge

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