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Kylie Jenner Is Becoming A Billionaire

Kylie Jenner Is Becoming A Billionaire

Kylie Jenner is becoming a billionaire because of her cosmetics line. Plus – Kylie’s reality show ‘Life Of Kylie’ may already be a flop.

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  1. You work hard so you deserve it I feel so uplifted im proud of you. Don't let negative people get you down okay.Again God Bless you.

  2. I'm happy for her congratulations.trust me I'm not jealous at all,God Bless you and have fun.I like positive people😎cool.

  3. Kim must be fuming! I'm sure she will remind her over and over again who started her career! And of course mom NOW on Kylies ass ! Always on the tits and ass of whos making the most money! Wonder if she really loves her kids or are they just a money machine for her.

  4. Love that she was the youngest and the under dog of the family and now shes wealthier then all of her sisters! Who cares about another stupied show she will be a billionaire! She can buy a net work!

  5. I come to the comments section just to laugh at the haters and the jealous green eyed monsters…Having said all that, money will never buy happiness,love and life. If she is not 100% happy with herself now then i'm right.

  6. I only have one video but if you guys give me suggestions for another video, then I'll do it

  7. Please sub to my channel, it's another makeup channel 💋💄👄

  8. Why do you all have a problem with her lol just cause she got lip injections doesn't mean u guys can call her fake, Ye she has a lot of money but half yall think it's cause her sisters sex tape, well my friends let the truth hit u. This girl has a reality tv show, clothing line, makeup line (she's donating some makeup of her money to charity) and many more all you haters hate on her for no reason she's a human being she has a right to do whatever she pleases tbh if she never had these stuff yall would still be hating she changed for two reason 1 because someone said she had small lips witch made her insecure. 2 she wanted to feel confident in her own skin like for example if she had a photo shoot almost naked she would be called a slag,slut and many more but for example if Selena or Beyoncé done it (don't get me wrong I love them both just giving a point) they would be called , confident , beautiful and other stuff , just cuz kylie had stuff done to her doesn't make her a different person she has feeling ,SHES A HUMAN, her and her family have built an empire that keeps on rising and yall can't do anything about it 👐🏿 FEMALES WE ARE MEANT TO BE ENCOURAGING EACH OTHER NOT BRINING EACH OTHER DOWN FOR THERE CHOICES OR HOW MUCH MONEY THEY HAVE BECAUSE GOD DAM PEOPLE BUY HER LIP KITS. U guys need to suck it up and get along with the truth cos this family name yall gonna know forever x

  9. there no way this is true. while I'm sure she's really rich, but by no means a billionaire. how can she be a billionaire when Beyonce and Jay-Z aren't even billionaires. this is another lie by mama kris. hell, Rihanna isn't even a billionaire and she's been in the game for years. this is all to create hype due to her show failing. not saying she ain't rich because she is, but she is far from a billionaire.

  10. First of all she made of all that in sales, but what about the manufactory cost and all that revenue went to the company not just kylie she probably got 20% of all that at max, but its most likely that she got just 10%

  11. One milion subs and do not even get 1000 likes


  12. She's ugly as fuck, she's only known by hers family money, that's all about life, money talks and bullshit walks!

  13. I always thought they should make one for kendall because she is a super model or maybe they should make a show for the both of them Kendall and Kylie the jenner sisters!!!!

  14. Lol Kris' favorite is the one who is most successful in business and most famous…

  15. crazy what fame gets you

  16. Ya'll are gullible as fuck
    1. Sales/revenue doesn't = profit
    2. There's no evidence of this 420 million net worth, i could say i'm a billionaire does it mean I am one? NO

  17. I'm just here for the mean comments

  18. Ah shit she's gonna become like Kim now.

  19. 20 and billionaire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I'm only mad because I'm jealousss😂 I wish I had the privilege to not work a day in my life but still be rich af. Kylie built an empire just off of her name so I guess it sort of is admirable. I just hope with all this success, she tries to send a good message out into the world.

  21. no one cares whats next "kylie ate some breakfast"

  22. Why the hell do people judge so much from what they see on social media, you don't even know her life and personality. Yes she is KYLIE JENNER but there is so much more to a person then what you see through the internet.

  23. people in the comments over there hating, but she still doesn't give a fuCK, bathing in 100 dollar bills😂

  24. All synthetic nothing original. Ugly.

  25. I laughed so hard in the end🤣🤣

  26. I was so excited for the show but then I saw it and was like oh☹️

  27. ok how much is her net worth? and how much does she get of the 420millions?

  28. creative and work ethics? this bitch be sued every month for stealing ideas for her line. besides ratings are low because her show and her wanting to live normal and the crazy shit she talks about is so staged and fake. she is just plastic and boring.people follow her as a trend but dont care to see her talk that much

  29. Um we knew dis a long time ago

  30. she's tryna outdo her sister Kim without the sucking 😳

  31. I low key hate her but hey I can't hate too much, the girl is making stacks lol 💰💰💰

  32. Yep billionaire lyk no one saw that coming 😂

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