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Kylie Jenner Reacts To Nicki Minaj Punching Travis Scott Comment | Hollywoodlife

Kylie Jenner is more upset than Travis Scott over Nicki Minaj’s latest diss. Plus – Khloe Kardashian reacts to ‘marrying’ Tristian Thompson. #KylieJenner #TravisScott #nickiminaj

Nicki Minaj is still SO pissed off that Travis Scott‘s Astroworld kept her new album Queen from debuting at number one when it dropped in August. At the time she accused Travis’ baby mama Kylie Jenner, 21, of using her 113 million Instagram followers to help goose his numbers and keep the 26-year-old’s album atop the Billboard chart for a second week. The “Barbie Dreams” rapper just dissed Travis again Sept. 4 on Ellen and the cosmetics mogul has had enough! “Kylie and Travis are trying to ignore Nicki and her attacks. They feel she looks a little sad and a bit petty making noise to try to get attention,” a source close to the reality star tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

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Kylie Jenner Reacts To Nicki Minaj Punching Travis Scott Comment | Hollywoodlife


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  1. Need someone to take our selfies. Any Volunteers?

  2. Love when a video says its about 1 thing, then is really something totally different mist of the vid, then the last 10 secs for what it said. (which tell you exactly nothing)

  3. Where is the part in this video where Kylie reacted?

  4. She dose the same thing dumb B-word ass H-Hoe… She said it her self she dose he same thing!!!!

  5. Kylie can buy and sell Nicki over a hundred times. She aint shit.

  6. Guys nicki is going through midlife crisis give her a chance lmao

  7. I would be piss to she's making her way up with just music while he selling shit and got to the top.
    [No comments needed below ]

  8. Why is Nicki upset over AN ALBUM. BE THANKFUL YOU GOT TO BE ON THERE.

  9. Idek why shes mad that he sold clothes and stuff lmao so what everyone has merch and shit

  10. 1:36 WTFFFF 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Kylie will always stay on top
    Nicki should no how Kardashians get down. Everyone who crossed them life is fucked up to this day.

  12. I'm gonna pinch u gonna punch u too!😆

  13. Idk why but when nicki talks her face and mouth look so tense 😬😐 lol I feel like I do that when I’m wearing lipstick

  14. Godam!!! Her voice is loud and why is she screaming

  15. Nicky b aware ur a hoe like so many & u didn't push anything @ all so get over yourself..😂😂🤣😂
    Always know 2 me, 2 me, I'm aware women r born 2 serve KINGS..🌟👌🏻
    Not the other way around how America has been brained washed 2 transfer our fortunes 2 garbage..lmfao!!

  16. her voice is so annoying in the beginning of all videos

  17. I mean Nicki is just jealous

  18. People call her a queen but queens don’t go shaking they’re ass in public for attention 🤔

  19. so she can talk about physically attacking artists but then when Cardi puts words into action she suddenly says Cardi needs to get her life together 🤔

  20. Now she's number two to Cardi also

  21. She should be lucky and humble. Her trashy queen album made it to number two.

  22. Nicki stfu bitch you had/have a whole dusty ass clothing line bitch n was doing music n still was "#1" so wtf bitch you not gonna always be number 1 in life bitch and number 2 dont make you a loser tf what about other times mfs was number on before you.

  23. But all the clothes he’s selling COME WITH THE FUCKING ALBUM 😪😪😪

  24. Nicki doing all this for clout period. Lmao


  26. Nikki’s a old bitter bitch that’s afraid…now that cardi is on the scene and remy’s doing good. She knows she’s loosing out when potential hit songs that are fit for a female rapper are offered to cardi or someone else. She’s a joke with her 5”2 ass

  27. Fuck you Niki!!! Your pathetic hahahaha ! #bullymuch

  28. Nicki ain't shit and she's helllla crazy like mental hospital crazyz👀 look how she snaps at Ellen for a simple question

  29. I wish she would try to hit him. That bitter barb needs her ass beat back down to earth.

  30. Her name is khole not coco lmaooo am i the only one that noticed that in the video

  31. These Damn Kardashian. And black boys no. Offense

  32. Travis and Kylie need to be careful Rah Ali gonna fuck em up, lol.

  33. You're so cringy it's ridiculous

  34. Nicki is about the music 🎵 and that's real talk. Nicki don't need attention. She already a Queen 👑.

  35. Does this bitch really think she’s better than everyone else?

  36. She couldn’t punch cardi b tho 😂

  37. Nicki Minaj needs to calm down and be more grounded. She’s seeking for too much attention and she’s hating way too much.

  38. “She seems very into him and he… really likes her” lol story of our lives. Tbh I think Travis and Nicki and Kylie are at a round table plotting to make y’all buy their music and clothes

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