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Kylie Jenner Shares Emotional Post After Travis Scott BreaK Up

Kylie Jenner Shares Emotional Post After Travis Scott BreaK Up

Kylie Jenner posts a cryptic message about happiness after breaking up with Travis Scott. Plus – Tyga seemingly trolls Kylie for showing off her new Bugatti. #KylieJenner #TravisScott #Tyga

Here’s a split no one saw coming. Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are reportedly taking a break from their nearly two and a half year relationship. Even though they were completely loved up when he took her on a romantic yachting trip for her 22nd birthday along Italy’s Amalfi Coast in August, things have drastically and quickly changed. TMZ reports that the two had been trying to make the relationship work for awhile, but a few weeks ago they decided to step away and become single again.

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Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Split: Couple Taking A Break After 2 Years Together — Report

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  1. Do you think Tyga called out Travis Scott?

  2. Why is the k in „break“ big

  3. I mean people will talk shit because they're just jealous… Kylie literally donated 1million dollars to a women's mentoring org….
    But nobody talks about that
    I mean Im not a big fan of the Kardashians but I give credit where it's do. People act like they would flaunt there money if they were rich

  4. She needs a good d**k up her Ass to shut her up 💩

  5. #tyga February love has something to do with kylie and tyga

  6. 3million for a car? Cheap girl ,u a billionaire u need a billion dollar car.. aim higher next time 🤣😎

  7. Y’all have a mental illness lol what about YOUR life.

  8. Tow weeks ago Kylie was saying that she and Travis have the same goals in life when she made that playboy photoshoot :/

  9. I’m sad I love their relationship

  10. Travis Scott don't need this hoes bro he so successful he should just focus on music

  11. No one shades these male rappers when they flex, but y’all mad a Kylie? Gtfo

  12. Tyga is a cheater like Travis hope for kylie she will not return with tyga !!

  13. Here before this pops off

  14. The funny thing is black men dont cheat😂😂😂

  15. Boohooo Travis is better with out her

  16. Girl go take a nap and think about your life because your too young to stress over a gad them man

  17. I like it how people say that mean stiff to kylie but not to bill gates or anoybody and she can spend the money she has on whatever

  18. I Lilly feel bad.😔 hit like if you love Travis Scott

  19. Kyle found success in business and sometimes relationships don't go hand in hand. Kyle is dependent on her product and how her customers receive it. That might be the marriage she should be concentrating on, Date and have her family, doesn't mean she has to be married. Be smart, every move she makes will carve out a secure future.

  20. I respect both of them. Kylie is focused on Stormi and her empire and Travis is focused on Stormi and his music. When you’re in the music industry it’s completely different. Having another child would be hard for Travis to handle all of it. If they truly love each other then after a while when they’re finally fully settled in… then they’ll get back together

  21. Why would people be angry at Kylie for showing off her new car. Like yes people are struggling out there, but that isn’t her fault and if she has the money for an expensive car then let her get it and put it on social media if she wants. I see celebrities posting about their Louis Vuitton bags and Gucci items all the time, can I be jealous, yes of course but I wouldn’t get angry, people should do what they want to do with their money, and have the right to post these things on social media if they want. And anyways people have been doing this since Instagram came out

  22. Vary Beautiful Alli 😏😘😍

  23. Travis is a whole cheater and had a side chick ….

  24. Those sellout have no control over their money their owned by their slave masters

  25. Omg let this bitch have whatever car she want. Why ya'll mad lmfao

  26. If My Girl Was A Billionaire , I Would Be Her Bitch 😹

  27. Breaking up with a billionaire. Perfect example that money can't buy happiness and pleasure. Kylie's hole (vag**a) is now loose owing to multiple sex partner so Travis is looking for a tighter hole. Shame on you lustful bitch Kylie.

  28. The hair looks good on you❤

  29. Kylie did want a big family and I sure he knew that and if he didn’t he could have told her , in the Kardashian family they try have all the kids from the same dad 😥😥

  30. Travis deserves a good woman that really loves him and not another Kardashian’s Jenner taking selfies all day 🤷🏻‍♀️

  31. Guys just stop, y’all made 5 videos after they’re break up. we get it they “broke up”

  32. Why do people care about kylie showing off a car , we already knew she was a billionaire so a 3 mill car isn’t that surprising

  33. They* breaking cz travis doesnt want a second kid ? Lmao

  34. Imagine breaking up with a billionaire

  35. Why does ally look like Britney?!

  36. Ppl are so immature like nobody gives a fuck if u first 😐

  37. Lol Tyga is pathetic. He can't wait to get back with Kylie

  38. All y'all talking about first🙄 I'm twelfth😂💛👍🏽

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