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Kylie Jenner & Tyga Have Sex In Khloe’s Bed – KUWTK Recap

Kylie Jenner & Tyga Have Sex In Khloe's Bed - KUWTK Recap

KUWTK Recap: Kim Kardashian finds out Scott Disick has a girl in his hotel room. Plus- Kylie Jenner and Tyga take over Khloe’s room.

Starring Ali Stagnitta

Produced by @ginoorlandini

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  1. Travis Scott will be maaaaad

  2. When ducking on a mans ding dong makes a family popular.

  3. Go fuck your self with that wish song

  4. Still not off the Kardashians in 2018. LAZY. How much do you get paid to promote this and how to I join?

  5. Scott gets 1 girl then kourtney tryna fuck the whole city

  6. Bruh delete ur channel u bitch no ones fukn cares bro

  7. 🤣🤣😂😂 fake ass shit

  8. why they all in his business

  9. When Kim K says someone its "whore"

  10. Slut shaming? She's the biggest slut

  11. Dude ur annoying and a damn bitch ✋✋ you literally know nothing 😂😂

  12. ,i hate what I've seen tyga with her girlfriend I won't lie I love u tyga

  13. they are allllll fucking hypocrites, how can kim k out of everyone in the world slut shame a woman? especially when scott was single like wtf, kim you post nude photos, let your daughter take nude photos, make sex tapes, marry ANYONE, etc. KYLIE was a STEPMOM AT 17. I hope they all die.

  14. Such a whore? Such a tramp? At least she didn't post it online, Kim. Kim has a lot of fucking nerve!

  15. Kim y u don't mind your own fucking business….. Y u don't study how much man u fuck

  16. how did they even know this shit

  17. Who the fuck kim can say that when your are aaaa hoe

  18. LMAO WTF this is actually hilarious💀😂

  19. How can u stand the smell from his mouth!

  20. I know Kim isn’t calling anyone a slut and tramp. Did you forget how you got famous? Don’t you and your sisters sleep w the same men? How many men who weren’t single did you guys take and sleep with? Cmon now Kim

  21. Keep the health of your uterus, be careful you can get cervical cancer

  22. Nice one Kourtney hope your kids don't see you talking about all the guys you are gonna fuck when you get home.

  23. lol i was gonna say this was nine months ago lol

  24. Kim calling girls whores😂😂😂😂😂 should we remind mind her that she has a sextape 😂😂😂😂😂😂 fucking dumb hypocrite 😂😂😂😂

  25. Kim calling someone a tramp Lol that's rich

  26. throw his ass out, life block his mucher ass , thats all they do much to be famouse. dochbags are using them

  27. Kim kardashian got famous for making a sex tape and is a whore

  28. Kim did not go gangsta on that girl. Bitch you stay yo ass there until she leave and look at her dead in her face!

  29. Let's not forget that Kim had the nerve to call that girl a s*** when the only reason she is famous is because she put a s***** out with Ray J she was literally a dick sucking p*** star and that's how she became famous and I bet her whole family is thanking her for being a big horror because they've all made so much money off of her s***** so many years ago

  30. Why they mad at Scott ? Because he is moving on and finding a better woman,The nerve of Kim plastic body ass calling that girl a tramp, When her and her sisters and mom is the biggest tramps alive .

  31. I know Kim didn't call someone a whore

  32. after all the mess that family put him through he deserves a break. I can't stand any of those women and she thinks she's better than him. He actually wanted to marry and spend the rest of his life with her a few seasons back and all she saw him as was a baby machine. I hate this family. HATE!

  33. whatever, kylie had that make up caked on…

  34. Dont you have any titles for your videos??

  35. Hahaaaa she called the girl a tramp so that makes Kim what? Lol

  36. Kim has the nerve to call someone else a Whore 😂🤔

  37. the title has me like : wtf why in her sis room😂💀🙄

  38. So kylie and tyga are still together? Please answer meeeee!!!!!!!!! I am really confused HAHAHHAHAHAH

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