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Kylie Jenner: Why She Is Scared To Reveal Her Pregnancy

Kylie Jenner: Why She Is Scared To Reveal Her Pregnancy

Kylie Jenner is scared to reveal her pregnancy. Plus – Travis Scott is making sure his daughter has everything needed when she arrives.

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  1. I get that you want your baby to be beautiful what so ever. But 70.000 dollars?! This kid is going to be spoiled and a brat.. just saying, if it's true.

  2. Dude she's not scared, she just doesn't want to confirm or shut down anything because it's great publicity.

  3. STOP sending me this SHIT!!!!!

  4. She's buying super expensive clothes. Its going to be funny when her baby has a huge blow out and spits up all over them. lol

  5. if she is pregnant leave her alone she doesn't need more stress and stop making a big deal shes 20 my whole family have babies at 18 19 and 20

  6. If she really is… then that’s weird for me cause she moved on so fast from Tyga and he and Travis haven’t even made a year and I honestly don’t think they’re gonna last

  7. Because she doesn't want the kid to become more famous than her.

  8. How is this actually fucking news? We literally have North Korea wanting to go to war and all we care about is some slut not wearing a condom?

  9. Travis Scott give Kylie Jenner baby room nursery

  10. Asahd is the most fly baby

  11. these people are going to hell

  12. Dat's why don't have sex in the first place.

  13. Has she confirmed shes pregnant?

  14. Can we just take a moment and say Kylie your OBVIOUSLY not alone.

  15. Imagine Doing Surgery to you’re body and you’re face Then you get pregnant.

  16. Im telling you she prob not even pregnant

  17. If she doesn't she's welcoming media sources to keep circling stories hinting that she could be. If she's worried about fans seeing her pregnant…um…the show is going to get you to say something.

  18. Buying a kid loads of stuff doesn't make a good parent…

  19. here's an idea.. don't have sex…. *rolling eyes

  20. The most perfect baby I saw is definitely blue ivy

  21. It would be so funny if she wasn't actually pregnant… Everyone's getting so hype about this….

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