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LA County Built Its New Voting Machines From Scratch. Will They Be Ready? | NBC Nightly News

NBC News has a look at the brand new, publicly owned voting system in Los Angeles County to be rolled out in advance of Super Tuesday. The county has 5.4 million voters — more than 42 states — and the system cost hundreds of millions of dollars, but not everyone is a fan.
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LA County Built Its New Voting Machines From Scratch. Will They Be Ready? | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Paper ballots, marked with pen.

  2. LA COUNTY REGISTRAR Dean Logan needs to be transferred for lying to over 5 million registered voters.

  3. Trump for jail…Trump for jail….Trump for jail…

  4. The county of Los Angeles and LA County Registrar is running the election. A week or so ago, I noticed that on the county Registrar Election website there is a list of "final" candidates whose names appear on the ballot and a "final" list of names of candidates not appearing on the ballot. I believe both lists were dated December 31, 2019. So the regular candidates for Los Angeles do appear on the list. But since I qualified as a candidate January 6, 2020, I knew I was not on the list. So I complained to the County Registrar that their list was not accurate (of write-in candidates) because my name was not on their list. I also questioned the legal basis for using the word "final". So the county and the Los Angeles city election clerk emailed me that the reason why I was not on the county list is because the city clerk of Los Angeles does not have to turn over the list of Los Angeles write-in candidates until February 18. I asked for the legal grounds for this and I did not receive an answer. The city of Los Angeles has two options for write-ins: pay $300 and you are good to go (in my case) or gather 500 good signatures by February 18, which others may be doing. Both the city and county wrote me they were aware that other cities may not provide a "final" list of write-in candidates until February 18. I asked under the circumstances am I "final" for voting purposes, which I should be, and they did not respond to that issue, but only saying I could not be put onto the county online list until after February 18. Somewhere in the middle of the email communications, the county posted to their website a separate link to the LA city list. So while the two links to the county lists say "final", the link to the city write-in list does not use the word "final". I voiced my opinion that the use of word "final" would be confusing and deceptive to voters and that there should be an explanation on their website as to what "final" means (why the city LA write-in list does not say "final") and inform the public that the county may be waiting on more eligible candidates until Feb 18. I told them it was not transparent that they started the voting without having all candidates names in place, and without revealing this to the public. I also wrote this to secretary of State Alex Padillo. Transparent is defined as “without guile or concealment; open; frank; candid; specific., open to observation, public scrutiny, etc.: a transparent investigation into county corruption”. https://wp.me/P57D2C-LR
    That statement in the sample ballot booklet are not transparent and are meant to mislead the voters. The LA city election clerk, and other candidates who believe in election integrity, should mount a legal challenge to those sentences. First, because of the juxtaposition of the sentence two, it is implied that there is no current list of “qualified” write-in candidates; that would be an unfair statement because currently the LAVOTE.net does have a list of qualified write-in candidates that is been on their website since around December 31, 2019, of about 250 candidates. There is a list of qualified LA city write-in candidates. The statements, therefore, in the official sample ballot booklet, are therefore meant to mislead the voter into thinking they cannot currently vote by mail or otherwise for a write-in candidate, because there is no list of qualified write-in candidates until eleven days before the election.

  5. I complained to the election division and the mayor and council and received no response. As a result, on January 22, 2020 at 2:32 pm, I filed a claim for damages with the Los Angeles City Clerk's office due to the fact I was denied equal opportunity and privileges by the improper use of city tax dollars. https://www.2020committeetoelectjohnson.com/disqualification-of-candidates .The damage claim is 32 pages long. In the damage claim I also ask that the five regular candidates be disqualified from the election due to their participation in denial to me of equal opportunity. A similar claim has been filed with the County Board of supervisors over the actions of the LA County Registrar. Claim 20-1158110-001.

  6. National machines with individual common access cards. Each individual has their own certificate associated with that card and you have the answer to the problem.
    Good enough for the military to use good enough for everyone else.

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