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Lamar Odom First Words To Khloe After Waking From Coma

Lamar Odom First Words To Khloe After Waking From Coma

Lamar Odom has woken up from his coma with Khloe Kardashian by his side: we found out his first words, plus, accusations from Dennis Hof that Lamar was upset about being on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Starring Emily Longeretta

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  1. She was hoping he would die. Now he's fine so she left him …again.

  2. This has been a great plug for dirty Den Hoff!! selling stories… Thirsty Mother Fucker!! Khloè Kardashian what a lovely girl, best kardashian by far. 💜

  3. she love him.. he fucking up again

  4. Khloé Kardashian Reportedly 'Ready To Move On' As She 'Plans On Refiling For Divorce' From Lamar Odom!

    adf. ly/1ZPL5f

  5. the allegations that Lamar did coke was a matter of hearsay the results of his blood test the police department conducted on Lamar hadn't even came back within that time period. Therefore these allegations that he did cocaine were just rumors in order to discredit Lamar, shame on you for accusing this man with no solid evidence. That's like me saying this reporter is a heroin addict because I over heard somebody say she's a lying junkie.

  6. That is not the case because if they are trying to die in a great season like they did, that one must not afraid to sweat me first, or they have to tell me they are going to die in a ulterior date to prepare to die them for good. After that I'll know in Caribbean have a Queen Elizabeth #2. My friend asking anybody I'm not arrogant, but sometimes they made me tired with they wrong doing.

  7. The girl is faking her cry; and if odom realy use drugs then he deserves it. Y in the world you use drugs for fun? U pay the cons

  8. How can a Rich man fuck up his whole life over some 200 gramms of pussy
    damn shame

  9. The guy spent 75k on whores and we applaud that he's alive? I don't get it.

  10. Never heard of Lamar before I watched Top 10 Google Searches on Young Turk

  11. I expected his first words to be "wasn't me".

  12. his first words.. ""…………Cwack"………….."cwack"……

  13. Lies Garbage and Trash !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lamar will NEVER be seen Again !!

    Just like Rob ????

  14. Bull$&^# them illuminati blood suckers are lieing. Get the hell out of here with that bullshit man CORPORATE FACTIONAL AMERICA EVEN SPORTS IS RAN BY THE LUCIFERIANS ZIONISTIC KHAZARIAN FAKE ASS JEW-WISH PEOPLE. THEY JUST TRYING TO MAKE HIM LOOK GUILTY.

  15. Just another Khloe K instance of " oh look how nice i am" E is a channel for slugs

  16. Viagra and coke.a hell of a drug

  17. where the fuck is French montana.jizzzz

  18. Faaaaake, I find it funny how everyone buys into this shit..all khloe wants is his money when, and if he "passes away".

  19. LOL at how that one prostitute was rubbing all over her body while the reporter was saying "and two prostitutes who spent several days with him…"

  20. I cant believe this cloned heartless evil vampire bitch kloe is using this man's agony, sufferation to get more hits and obviously this is will create more episodes of the katrashian shit. She is not there for Lamar she there for media attention and all the views this gonna create. Mmxxaa

  21. teresa your so right girl frnd

  22. mich elli can i get an amen lol 😜😜

  23. Khloe really needs to see an eye doctor. Anyone who thinks Lamaror James Harding are good looking definately has poor vision.Her main regret is that Kim beat her to having the first Kardashianzebra baby. So Lamar spends 75 grand on hookers and drugs atbrothel, almost kills himself, and we're supposed to feel sorry forhim??? Ni@@a please…..

  24. should have been at the million man March that day!! don't let these pretty ass devil's distract you brother…

  25. blood sacrifice didn't work this time! watch out Lamar…

  26. Sleeping in a sleeping bag next to him! Aww!

  27. Your nasal voice is so annoying.

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