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Lamar Odom On Not Crying After Son’s Death & Rob Kardashian’s Depression

Lamar Odom On Not Crying After Son’s Death & Rob Kardashian’s Depression

Lamar Odom talks Khloe Kardashian reacting to his book, Tristan Thompson cheating on her, his recovery, and discusses wanting Logan Paul’s assistance in creating a YouTube channel. #LamarOdom #KhloeKardashian #DarknessToLight

The 16th season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians is set to premiere on E!on Mar. 31, and it turns out that even though Khloe Kardashian, 34, and Kylie Jenner, 21, know what will be featured on the series, it’s still going to be painful for them to relive it. In the intense trailer for the new season, the drama between Khloe and her ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson, 28, during his multiple cheating scandals is showcased at the center of the show, and it looks like Kylie’s former BFF Jordyn Woods, 21, who admitted to kissing Tristan at a party, will also be shown.she also knows she has a job to do with filming and fans are curious so she appreciates she can keep it real and tell the story in the right light.”

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Lamar Odom On Not Crying After Son’s Death & Rob Kardashian’s Depression

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  1. To tell you the truth Lamar you look good right now you don't look strung out you look sincere and when you're talkin because now you realize what you've done and what those drugs took away from you drugs can take everything away from you and when you get off of it for so much better and I could see that you are you got to get off drugs before it's too late and I think you found how bad they are and what you lost on it that's why you never go back glad your family care. I hope you're really cleared this time , like Whitney was a great person and she chose drugs drugs , thats bad and they're no good for no one, because I was on a drug but not Coke it was the meth and to get off of it is the best thing a human can do too bad there are great rewards for those that did it if you want Chloe go get her back

  2. You can make a taco on the top of Lamars head

  3. What do you expect from a low life

  4. LEAVE that man ALONE and let HIM talk as long as he likes. Who CARES what the KARDASHIAN'S and JENNER'S think. Who CARES what anyone think. Keep talking LAMAR… 👍

  5. When you get off drugs , you gain weight and get depression.

  6. Wow people Im a addict.. my predictions he wins Khole back… and the nose flip. Sniff cough sniff finger flip the bottom of your nose

  7. Hmmm I wonder if his sniffing is a nerves thing or is he battling a drug problem himself

  8. Did lamar just admit Rob has or had an addiction? I think he probably should stop talking not a good way to reconcile with the Kardashians.

  9. 👀😐UM I was glad to hear his side in a sense

  10. I’m glad he was able to tell his story💪🏾 and I was first btw

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