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Largest Collection of Barbie Dolls – Classics

Largest Collection of Barbie Dolls - Classics

Bettina Dorfmann (Germany) has 15,000 different Barbie dolls in her record breaking collection, including the first ever Barbie Doll!

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In celebration of Barbie’s birthday we give you the ‘Largest Collection of Barbie Dolls’. Bettina Dorfmann shares her home in Düsseldorf, Germany, with 15,000 unique Barbie dolls. She received her first doll back in 1966, but has only been collecting seriously since 1993. Barbie was first released by US toy giants Mattel in 1959. Her full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts, the name of the daughter of Mattel founders Elliot and Ruth Handler (USA). Bettina posed for this photo in October 2011, when her collection surpassed 15,000 dolls. She received her first doll when she was five years old – but it wasn’t Barbie, it was Midge, Barbie’s best friend. She’s now the proud owner of an original (and rare) 1959 Barbie. Got a broken Barbie? Bettina runs a doll hospital, where she fixes broken legs, untangles matted hair and replaces missing limbs!

FACT: According to Mattel, there are in excess of 100,000 collectors of Barbie dolls worldwide.

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  1. She is beautiful like Barbie doll.

  2. I like your barbie collection i wish to se more detail.very nice .

  3. I think I might be monster high collector in future..

  4. What if her house burned down and all her dolla poof gone

  5. I have every single holiday barbie doll from 1988 too 2018

  6. People who collect dolls fascinate me. Some people collect all sorts of Barbies or anything Barbie related. Some people only want vintage or the AA variants. Some are in box collectors some are out of box only. It makes every collection unique and I love that.

  7. Как бы я хотела связать на многих здесь МОДЕЛЕЙ!!!…..

  8. Do you have the second ever Barbie

  9. I wish I had even half of those…

  10. Como que ela pode ter todas as barbie assim por acaso ela é rica ou foi quando crianca porque não hoje claro!!mas a barbie foi umas das bonecas mas caras que já existiu!! Como??🤔🤔🤔

  11. Which one is your favourite??

  12. Do your grand children play with your dolls

  13. Im not scared since i am a doll lover:)

  14. Bettina Dorfmann has a cool Barbie Doll Collection:)! I still have my Malibu Barbie Doll, my Cindy Doll, my Kissing Barbie Doll, and my Ballerina Barbie Doll from my Childhood. I also have saved some of their Barbie Doll clothes.

  15. When did you start collecting when you're a baby I bet

  16. Le puede pregunta si tiene la Barbie de oreo la molentina

  17. i wish i have this barbie dolls

  18. You have a lot that's so much

  19. I love them. I'd sleep in here.They are so gorgeous. I found a vintage one, for a dollar today, and they are worth so much. The twiggy one is $400 ….😢😭

  20. I also want soooooo many barbie dolls and I have started collecting but I only have 10 now 😊😊😊

  21. I argree it’s haunted

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