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Largest Human Mattress Dominoes

Largest Human Mattress Dominoes

The largest human mattress dominoes is 121 people and was achieved by NZ Smashes Guinness World Records, in the car park of Big Save Furniture in Manukau, Auckland, New Zealand, on 18 September 2009.
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  1. the only hard part bout that is to get people to do it

  2. So… they officially have records for anything now?

  3. "Will they can joust sock mi dook!!…" wait sorry kiwi accent, what i ment to say was "Well they can just suck my dick!!" 😛

  4. This got beaten by Germany 😛

  5. China will strike back with 5000 people.

  6. Then why don't you buy 121 mattresses and break the record, jackass. Oh I forgot you're broke.

  7. First person in line: …I gotta scratch my butt, Drops mattress "oops"

  8. that is a useless record its not hard in any way

  9. lol u can do that with hundreds of people ….. useless record everyone can do that

  10. Such a pointless world record

  11. YOU get a mattress, and you get a mattress, and you get a mattress! WE all get mattresses!

  12. Rubbing salt on the wound?
    Either this person has a pretty hostile nature, or this mattress stuff is serious shit :S

  13. I am confused why this is a thing… it is just a matter of having enough mattresses.

  14. This should go on the record for record-breaking "the most retarded record-breaker."

  15. my school broke that record with over 500

  16. they have world records for everything

  17. and 121 people in Africa slept on the floor that night……

  18. @dinalives You should do it then. Go get your 1000 friends, their 1000 mattresses, and set it up.

  19. That was actually pretty sweet! Why all the hate? Are we all a bit jealous we didn't get to participate?

  20. Alright 3, 2, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  21. 19 people thought big save was a rip off and gave up record

  22. ok, so I'm in a boarding school…. XD

  23. that would be ….. THE FUNNEST THINGS TO DO

  24. New zealand and world record go together like that

  25. I think that it's safe to say that at 1:21 a silence fell over the plane as people silently contemplated what the F@#$ they just saw.

  26. this is ridiculous! a school could get together and do that and have well over 1000 people break this record……silly but easy way to get in the book!

  27. those people in the plane must've seen them falling haha

  28. @whitneyslover123 who cares????

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