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Larry Kudlow breaks down the implications of the US-China trade deal

White House National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow joins FOX Business for his first interview since the signing of the U.S.-China trade deal.

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  1. Henry Kissinger, eh? Interesting…

  2. Next time you hear a "Conservative" moron say Tariffs never work, Know you're listening to a loser, in other words, a Republican.

  3. I got “chicken skin” when Larry Kudlow said Phase I was the first time that we have ‘climbed the mountain’ on a US-China deal. Congrats to all who labored so hard to get this done, and to Mr. Prez for providing his style of leadership.

  4. I hope everyone heard what Larry Kudlow said, because the MSM is going to spout the lies we have all come to expect from them..they will criticize and add sneaky little false comments.

  5. He already told you how we are going to pay for it; a higher GDP & the growing tax base due to higher employment. FREE

  6. The Chinese have engineered insecure back-doors in computers, transportation equipment, & many other public & private services. 5G is more of the same & that is why POTUS wants to be the leader in it & 6G to avoid these pitfalls mentioned in the future. We need TOP security along with strong Ethics and a good Family/Moral BASE with our technology!

    We should rein in China"s Carnivorous Capitalist Policies overseas, ALSO! FREE

  7. Remind me again what democrats have done for the American people over the past 20 years? NAFTA? Cash for clunkers? The China issue is the biggest threat facing the American middle class and politicians have WILLFULLY done nothing. Why? Trump has done something about China and that is huge people.

  8. If Kudlow is friends with Kissinger, then I don’t trust him!

  9. Like him or not, President Trump is by far the greatest President we have ever had and will likely see for decades if not centuries.
    Took 243 years for a President Trump.
    The upside is he has raised the bar of expectations from the people, and we will be much more careful in our future vote for POTUS.

  10. Actually gold is more expensive than platinum biatch.

  11. LArry it’s “LUNCHEON” not “LUNCH.”

  12. I really liked harassing Chinese bots and trolls. Too bad that all that fun is over. Now China trolls will resume their attack on Japan and I will revert to Japanese superiority rants.

  13. Larry Kudlow is brilliant, kind, humorous, intelligent and gets modern life on this planet. The people he did TV with? Also perfect in my book.

  14. China…now USMCA…What could go wrong ? In 2 days ?

  15. TRUMP = Promises Kept🇺🇸

  16. Kissinger is the most evil Zionist in the history of this nation.

  17. Thanks, mr.Larry Kudlow! It's very nice when President tried to find U"Where's Larry He'sShy."

  18. Meanwhile back in Canada still getting boned for holding hue wai executive for state's for extradition

  19. China cares nothing for any fair trade with the United States they will only use it as a cover for the war they wage against us and if we are ignorant to it we will fall. Communism must be destroyed from off of the face of the Earth free China free Iran free Tibet free Venezuela free Cuba

  20. China is at war with us whether you are perceptive to it or not it is still true. Their goal is to overthrow by whatever means possible.

  21. I don't know why you ever believe the Communist Chinese……they're going to cheat and lie and you know it!!

  22. Love Larry Kudlow! Charm personified.

  23. This is a bad deal, No US tariffs reprieve, Forced to buy hundred of billions of US produce. Bad deal, Sigh……

  24. Beautiful, and ALL due to our President Trump!

  25. I was impressed with Kudlow until he said "Kissinger is a very dear friend of mine". omg

  26. White House National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow was mentored by one of the worst deep state puppet masters in the world. Now he works in the white house and directs issues of national importance??? WTF. One to watch very carefully

  27. China has stolen no intellectual property. American corporations were forced by WallStreet Bankers to off-shore its manufacturing to China. The intellectual property sharing with China was happily agreed upon at that time. FOX and Kudlow are not truth tellers. Huawei simply has no back doors for the NSA to spy on Americans to oppress us unConstitutionally. NSA spying on every American’s phone conversation has set up another form of government in the United States of America. It is called Fascism and Nazism. Sad judgement on us.

  28. Trump started this mess. And now he wants credit for fixing it. The entire administration is a circus. And Trump is Bozo the clown.

  29. She doesn't know gold is more expensive than platinum.

  30. Who is Kavitha Paride of TRS Telangana Pink Party, India🇮🇳? She is pink concubines dysnasty.

    Who Is Saritha of Indian National Congress, Telangana, India🇮🇳? She is BSP – Bahujan Samaj Party of India🇮🇳 President Ramnath Kovind dynasty of concubines peacock iranianships. But Saritha was living in Naidus families. What's the idea Venkaiah Naidu the Vice President of India🇮🇳.

  31. How 5g telecommunications is related to HOLY🤴🏻YAHWEH Generations HEAVENLY REALM?

    Huawei is China🇨🇳 and NOT YAHWEH🕎🇮🇱🇺🇸🇬🇧 the APLHA🤴🏻OMEGA LINEAGE.

    Huawei mass destruction be better careful what you speak about HOLY🤴🏻YAHWEH🕎🇮🇱🇺🇸🇬🇧.

  32. 100% ownership will make no difference at all. If your business is employing Chinese workers then your intellectual rights are compromised. The Chinese view time differently than the West we may have a hundred year plan they would have a thousand years.

  33. Open bar at lunch I see. Good for Larry.

  34. China is a criminal organization, and the Chinese vare modern day Mongols.

  35. China should be kicked out of the WTO

  36. Another Trump beautiful thing. He knows he screwed up and now tries to fix stuff on China's Terms .. good job

  37. President Donald Trump sells the United States out to China. Just like the Clintons just like the Bushes. Why am I not surprised?

  38. The Chinese got more than what they wanted. The US is in a worse position.

  39. I’m proud of my President

  40. Never mind that,what was for lunch?

  41. Larry Kudlow is legit. He's one of many premium advisers President Trump has assembled to form a rock solid team to lead the country. They are getting things done that no one thought possible and are undeterred by the sham impeachment spectacle.

  42. China will violate the agreements they have signed. They will sign anything just to continue trading with America because it is their biggest client. They will also be able to illegally export their drugs into the US. This the reason why Nancy Pelosi is doing everything to discredit President Trump because she and her Democratic Party will lose her under the table dealings with China. The Bidens and the Clintons, the corrupt democrats are all afraid of losing that BRIBERIES they are enjoying now at the expense of America.

  43. 👏👏👏👏👏👏❤❤❤Best President Donald Trump in my old age lifetime!!

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