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Last day in Taipei

This is our last day in Taipei, for this trip at least. As I said in earlier videos these were filmed several months ago and we have been living in Taiwan for quite some time now, and have visited Taipei several times since then. We had a great lunch this day and tried some “fine dining”! Thanks so much for watching and even though this is the end of our Taipei Vlogs we have many more videos and vlogs to come from Taiwan and Asia!

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  1. You kids are so cute❤️Love your trips, Thanks for taking Old Great Grandma with you❤️

  2. hi~I wanna know what the music is.
    could u tell me?(I'm sorry about my poor English=_=)

  3. Hey Guys Your video is very best. I hope I can see your videos soon. I am from Taiwan.

  4. suprised you didn't walk face first into a giant spider's web or get bitten by a crazy bat..lol

  5. Brownie points for hiking up Elephant Mountain in the rain!!

  6. What a great view! Btw, what camera were you using there? Thanks!

  7. Two people dislike ???!!!! Who even are these people

  8. hope you guys are enjoying your time in Taiwan!
    Which camera do you use for vlogging? 🙂

  9. Wow so glad to see these videos,get to see such great things.thanks you two..

  10. Hello Luke! Seems you wasn't that lucky in the last day in Taipei. 😀 I'm going to taiwan for travel and filming some videos in next month. Any suggestion for visiting Chiayi? Because I'm not sure if I should go to Chiayi after visiting sun moon lake. Thanks:)

  11. Nice vlog. And I love the top floor of ATT 4fun, which is a great place to see the Taipei 101 new year firework show!

  12. In case you didn't get my reply, I leave message here. Hualien county is at east of Taiwan, I suggest you can go there, and here is a link of Hualien tourist information:

  13. Nice videos and experiences. How is the teaching thing going? I've been to Taiwan twice and returning again in a month or so. It's my favorite place in the world!

  14. I freaking love Asian claw machines 😂 probably my fav part of subways

  15. 金峰魯肉飯 is the best!!! so great!

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