Erik Conover Video Blog Ep 274 LAST MINUTE CHRISTMAS GIFT!!
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DECEMBER 22nd, 2015

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  1. Heyy so I just started watching your videos and I loveee them :') You guys are literally my favv. Jessica is so pretty.

    I just wanted to leave a comment asking you why some of your videos don't have the "tomorrow's video" linked? This one doesn't either & my flow breaks 🙁 I know you're in France right now, so have fun and I really hope you guys are having a really memorable time 🙂 Cheers

  2. Those wedding gown photos of Jessica almost brought a tear to my eye. She looked so beautiful. She's going to make a gorgeous bride.

  3. isnt it bad luck too see ur future bride in a wedding gown? 🙂

  4. Erick, do not loose your girlfriend Jessica.she is so pretty, match made heaven.

  5. Aww the photos in the magazine are so gorgeous!!!
    Lol can you imagine him going to the counter paying for all the magazines telling the cashier that's my girlfriend. Haha the person would be like yeah right 😂

  6. It's so exciting to find yourself in the store in or on a magazine. Congrats Jess! I remember my first cover I had and seeing it in the store made me so giddy. Erik I love seeing you with your family. Your mom seems like such an awesome mom and sweet person.

  7. Homemade gifts are the best!!! Primal Surf Shop is my fav!!🏄🏼

  8. I like how your mom says "I like this song too" when The Man Who Can't Be Moved was playing in the background. Such a sweetheart

  9. Bubba is so adorable I want to reach into my computer and pet him!

  10. Wow Jessica, you look so pretty in those magazine pictures! Congratulations on all the success you've been havin lately! I hope you get to be on the billboard in times square ☺💖

  11. Wow, Jessica looks amazing in those magazine pictures! How crazy is it for you Eric, to see her in magazines, especially in wedding dresses?

  12. Does it trip you out to see Jess all decked out in wedding gear?

  13. That was so dope finding that magazine with Jess… I have to go buy me one

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  15. I can't imagine how crazy it would be to see yourself or significant other on the cover of a magazine!

  16. Wow, the pictures of Jessica are amazing:) Can't imagine how proud you must feel when you see such beautiful pictures of her:)
    I also like to make individual presents for my boyfriend and of course romantic cards:)

  17. So, how does Jessica measure her success? Her pictures in the magazine were stunning! is that her best work yet?
    I hope that is 1 part of her success story. 🙂

  18. Love the pictures of Jessica! So proud of you:)). Merry Christmas to both of you. From El Paso Tx

  19. Your mom is so sweet and supportive of you and jess!!!

  20. Jess looks soo stunning in the Wedding Magazine ..like a doll Wow!

  21. I was thinking why I like your vlogs so much and I think I summed it up nicely 🙂
    -very nice (genuinely nice) personality with very good communicational skills
    -some artistic shots in every video (bubba staring from the car window was cool)
    -jessica is amazing
    – aaand your editing is SUPER GOOD. Transitions are so good that I pause and go back to wacth again every time
    Thank you for sharing so much of your life here

  22. Those pictures of Jess Wow just wow, she is breathtaking!

  23. so close to your goal of 50k!!!

  24. Hi Erik, Gorgeous layout! Are you going to make an activity play yard for Jessica's birds? They will love it! So thoughtful:) 78and rain,on Christmas eve? Good luck surfing:)Thanks.

  25. Your mom is so awesome and thoughtful! I love how she treats Jessica 🙂

  26. Sometimes the best gift is not received, but given!

  27. Merry christmas eve Jess and Erik! Hope you have a lovely day xxx

  28. Jess that magazine spread is amazing!! Congratulations, and Merry Christmas guys!

  29. Is the man's name Tokyo? I'd love to check out his salon! What's it called?

  30. Erik, Jessica, I think you guys should put your promo code for hello fresh so you guys can get 20 towards your box and your viewers could get 40 off of their boxes 🙂

  31. 6:22 Erik . . . tell me you were blushing ;D

  32. Erik, I wish I had a relationship with my parents like you do! Your mom is great and you are so lucky! Also, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas together! I love what you said about homemade gifts allowing that person to be the only one owning it & that is special!

  33. Legit almost started crying bc of how amazing those wedding dress photos are!!! You are stunning, Jess. And that shoot is just the beginning of more amazing opportunities to come, I just know it!


  35. When Erik's mom said "OUU SEXY MAMA" … I DIED, TOOOO FUNNY!!!

  36. Merry Christmas Erik and Jessica!!! Hope you have a good holiday

  37. Jealous of your editing skills thanks for your vlogsssssss

  38. It's my birthday today!! (It's already the 24th here)
    I love you guys, you make my days brighter! <3

    Love all the way from Morocco! xoxo

  39. What camera do you film with its so clear

  40. Proud of Jess in the Wedding magazine♡

  41. Omg Jess looks amazing , she will look beautiful when you guys get marry

  42. Jessica is stunning in that photo shoot!
    Love this vlog 🙂

  43. thats so cool, jess in a magaziene and its cool ur gonna make her something, cant wait to see what it is =)

  44. you guys are my favorite vloggers on youtube, i can watch them all day hahaha

  45. I'm going to buy that Weddings magazine, even though I'm already married.:)

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