Latest & Trendy Pakistani Party Wear Dresses Fashion Show

Latest & Trendy Pakistani Party Wear Dresses Fashion Show
The recently held Pakistan Fashion Week London 2018 changed into part of celebrating the united states’s wealthy cultural historical past and design aesthetics. The occasion showcased designs from Pakistan’s style enterprise for you to introduce neighborhood talent in the front of an international target market. The rise of Pakistan’s fashion industry is to stay up for, because the u . S . Possesses large skills. The two-day fashion affair became organised with the aid of Riwayat in collaboration with Pakistan’s High Commission in Britain on the opulent Lancaster Palace in London. Platforms like those provide foreigners a hazard to peek into our glamorous global.

An array of muted metal colors changed into seen ruling the runway, even as their cuts displayed a contemporary essence mixed with the traditionally willing designs. Outfits that screamed Pakistani ruled, as fashions dazzled wearing portions that incorporated a blend of lifestyle and modernity in an effortless way. Intricately embroidered dresses were a deal with for British Pakistanis as well as the brilliant colorings, a trademark of numerous many of the designers. While some designs also gave off a western feel via their modern-day designs to attract a global target audience, the cuts and colorations of which stuck one’s attention without delay.

The glitzy affair became attended by using the big weapons of Pakistan’s fashion industry in addition to budding names of the glamorous sphere. The occasion created from 36 designers which covered names like Maheen Khan, Sonya Battla, Munib Nawaz, Zuriya Dor, The PinkTree Company, Shamaeel Ansari, Sana Safinaz and Hamza Bokhari of Jeem, whilst Nabila took over the styling realm. They have been all introduced together with the aid of the British Council Pakistan following the globally managed entity Fashion DNA Project which runs in collaboration with London Fashion Week and Fashion Scout.

The display of first-rate designs with the aid of Pakistani designers become a deal with for the attendees, as their lovely collections were rather praised by using on-lookers. Models sashayed at the ramp even as wearing brilliantly crafted clothing. The capsule collections were sorted by means of a popular fashion director and creative consultant Rebekah Roy, whose intention was to offer an insight into the blossoming fashion in Pakistan and exhibited current layout, textiles and subculture at the show off.

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  1. Beautiful dresses.
    Most of people don't know much about fashion.
    Time has changed.
    But still we are stuck with culture and values.

  2. Stunning ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😘😘😘

  3. I want to purchase first one in red colour

  4. Kitne pyare hai achi to lag rahe hai

  5. Shlwar thori r oopr r kameeez neechy kr lain…..chaar chaand lg jai gy

  6. To yh h Pakistani culture…
    Women power…hhhhhhhhh

  7. Bohat hi jahil designers..tu hi itnay buray dresses. .

  8. open pak mining to foreign cos with pak partnership ,…….n promote gem n jewellery industry …..along with fashion industry…..they go hand in hand……just like karigiri in textiles……promote skill development in gemmology n lapidary…..partner with basel watch co n lauch gem studded watches with exotic names for watch lines like karakorum, khyber, lahore n karachi line of luxury n uber luxe watches…..!!!!

  9. Not hating or jealous but very old school !!

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