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Laura Ingraham Scoffs At White Nationalist Terrorist Arrest

Laura Ingraham Scoffs At White Nationalist Terrorist Arrest

She couldn’t care less because he wasn’t an immigrant or a minority. John Iadarola, Jackson White, and Adrienne Lawrence, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. More TYT: https://go.tyt.com/tyt-left-a8848

Read more here: https://www.politico.com/story/2019/02/21/trump-coast-guard-officer-1179749

“When Chicago police accused actor Jussie Smollett of fabricating a story about being attacked by MAGA-loving bigots, President Donald Trump was quick to weigh in. ‘What about MAGA and the tens of millions of people you insulted with your racist and dangerous comments!?’ he wrote on Twitter.

And when Catholic high school student Nick Sandmann filed a lawsuit against The Washington Post this week over its coverage of last month’s confrontation between the teenager and a Native American elder, Trump couldn’t help himself. ‘Go get them Nick,’ he declared. ‘Fake News!’

But more than 24 hours after news broke that a Coast Guard officer — an avowed white nationalist — was allegedly plotting to kill Democratic politicians and journalists, Trump has, at least so far, not said a word.”

Hosts: John Iadarola, Jackson White, Adrienne Lawrence

Cast: John Iadarola, Jackson White, Adrienne Lawrence


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  1. To control those who are willful ignorance, they must have a bogey man, to keep stroking their fears.

  2. If the sh!t down.was by a democrat they would be losing their mind.

  3. TYT is still on the air? Lmao. Hahahahahahahahhahahahahaha

  4. Bottom line, Fox News is news for Republicans. They report the news that favors the conservative view.

  5. Typical right-wing, never focus on the real problems and threats.

  6. Laura Ingraham
    s father was a Nazi sympathizer, the apple didnt fall far from the tree

  7. Not surprised anymore about how serious these folks take their racism!

  8. wow. readin some of the different articles i found out that the term
    "lone wolf" was created by a vietnam vet who joined klan upon his return
    as part of what he called "leaderless resistance" im pretty sure he
    just stole it from the vietnamese' but what i wonder if any one
    realizes just howuseful the tactic is for white. see as soon as you
    speak the word "lone" you can deny culpability. you ever noticed that
    after 9-11 all muslims were terrorists? the entire Islamic faith became
    responsible for the actions of those who crashed the planes. fast
    forward to to the vegas shooting. hundred wounded dozens dead. then hop
    forward a little more to serial bomber. Not one story about how white
    culture could be responsible. that is quite the hypocrisy one bases a
    moral high ground on.

  9. very smart comments by Jackson White. Hadn't seen him before on the show, very eloquent and factual.

  10. He was so mentally unstable, he was actively in a department of the military. Nothing to see here.

  11. I think they are confusing reality with the movie Hop. Watch out Trump there's a chicken looking to overthrow you.

  12. GOP and Fox News = demagogues 😉

  13. This is in my opinion the Jessie situation was a set up why on earth would he go out an do that shit on top of that his attackers had on red hats if y'all don't see bullshit

  14. Sorry I don't know your name, guy with the hair, your wrists/hands are covered in hard things that are clanging on the table and it is distracting AF.

  15. a coupde' tat, got those mofos going batshit crazy at fox lmao

  16. OK, yeah Ingram's an idiot and all. But wait, he was a lone wolf, he most likely does have mental problems. Yes, Trump is encouraging these mentally unstable "lone wolves". Maybe "isolated problem" is the wrong term, but they are individuals mostly not acting in any kind of coordinated way.

  17. I noticed you corrected social Democrats to democratic socialism. Bernie and aoc style policies are versions of social democracy. I live Bernie but he's mislabeled his whole progressive movement.

  18. You have to wonder how shed feel if her name showed up on a list like that.

  19. So…If this was a BLACK ex Marine with an ARSENAL of weaponry and had a hit list for Sean Hannity, Mike Pence, Mitch McConnel and Paul Ryan and internet searches on how to kill Congress men then Laura Ingrah would be laughing this off as predictable? How do you equate someone lying to the police about being assaulted as the same or worse than a MILITARY soldier with the means and intent to commit MASS MURDER against political opponents??

  20. Now… the terrorist got his "Big beautiful Wall" Of PRISON! Crazy ssri head….

  21. They need to call a spade a spade he's a terrorist and those who share that ideology are terrorists as well

  22. Guy in the dreds, love your delivery, intelligence and common sense… everyone else… becoming more sensationalized with your delivery. You speak the truth but it’s so theatrical and over the top. I like TYT’s but the delivery has lately become arrogant and over the top . The guy in the dreds just talks and gives facts/ opinions without the antics and sensationalism.

  23. You'd have to be criminally insane launch an armed rebellion under Trump's command. The criminal part is elementary in the spectrum of insanity of the Trump supporter but still dangerous enough to cause serious damage, obviously.

  24. FOX, the fake news channel are going to get people killed. They should be stripped of a license to broadcast. There should be minimal broadcast standards and part of those standards should be that you cannot deliberately dedicate the entirety of airtime to lying to the public in order to manipulate them, and in this and many cases, manipulate them into paranoia and fear inciting violence. They have driven so many stupid people insane that the right-wing media is filled with talk of civil war. They are stoked about it and not against those who actually use, exploit, and steal from them (the wealthy/corporate sector), but against the left, people trying to get everyone healthcare, a livable wage, clean energy, tuition free college etc. It is absolutely insane how far down the lunatic hole the right-wing has gone with a lot of help from FOX fake news lying to them 24/7. When/if the country unravels, you will know why. The wealthy/corporate trash in desperate attempts to maintain power and control manipulated the right-wing fools and nuts into a dangerous hysteria. The same class did it in Germany in the 1930's, and it didn't end well.

  25. It’s time for the Wrong Wing Extremists and their ilk to secede from the Union. They obviously hate the rest of us so bad I think we should give them their Freedom.

    Give them their own state for a country. They get to come up with their own constitution, laws. Government, or “non-government” as they please.

    The only thing will be that as a sovereign nation of their own, any natural disasters that happen in their country have to be delt with on their own. They will no longer receive services, have to pay taxes. And will run their own medical system.

    Both old and new USA will contribute to building a wall between us. They have to go through border patrol, and so do we, to get to each other’s country’s. And they need visas to come to our country.

    I would say chip them too, but let’s not go there….yet.

  26. Did the media come to the rescue of the would-be terrorist? Did the media come to the rescue of Jussie Smollett when that story broke?

    Answer those questions and get back to me.

  27. Of course he's mentally ill; He's a right-winger. 'Nuff said.

  28. What's with the albino predator on the left

  29. Can somebody please get that racist off T.V..

  30. The fact that gov't employees besides Trump watch Fox should be cause for concern.

  31. Should anyone really be surprised by what this racist lady does?

  32. i normally don't comment about people's looks but what's up with Laura's Ingraham's mouth and Sean Insannity's neck? that shit's about to explode.

  33. Fox is not the only news channel out there that provides a republican point of view. Get off there nuts!! Turn the channel if you dont like it. CNN and many others push your narative. The leftist News credability is at a all time low and your just trying to dig yourselves out of a hole.

  34. You douchebags take every opportunity to generalize the whole republican party by the actions of individuals. No matter if theres truth in your statements or more often than not fairytales you make up

  35. If these jackasses could pronounce the phrase 'coup d'etat' properly, I'd be more inclined to listen to them… Seriously, 'KOO dee-TAAT'?

    This is from the same dumb honkeys that brought us 'freedom fries', 'Keckistan', etc.

    F'n jackasses. (Pronounced JAK-ass-ess)

  36. Also, re: Laura complain about 'victimology' while she implies and whines about how whites are victims of the silly alt-right's stupid reverse racism trope…

    Cry me a river.

  37. Jusse Smolett seems to be a jackass.

    This Coast Gaurd white supremacist seems to be a dedicated, committed, well armed dangerous TERRORIST…

    …I'd rather have Smolett any day.

    I am not surprised that Ingrahm would prefer to whine about fake violence (from a black guy) instead of condemning actual violence (from a white guy)…

    Its par for the course for white nationalist conservative commentators, I suppose.

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