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Laura Ingraham doesn’t like progressive women getting elected to office. Ana Kasparian, Aida Rodriguez, and Maytha Alhassen, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. JOIN THE HOME OF PROGRESSIVES: https://go.tyt.com/GgQ53kzqcUM

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“Fox News host Laura Ingraham dedicated a segment of her show Tuesday to criticizing four progressive Democrats who won election to Congress in last week’s midterms.

In a 10-minute segment titled “The Freshman Insurrection,” the “Ingraham Angle” host predicted that “dark, pink clouds” were gathering on the horizon with the arrival of Congresswomen-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (the youngest woman ever elected to Congress), Ayanna Pressley (Massachusetts’ first black congresswoman), Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar (the first Muslim women elected to Congress).

Ingraham, who ahead of the midterms repeatedly urged her audience to vote Republican or face an invasion of immigrants, dubbed the quartet “the four horsewomen of the apocalypse” and expressed doubt about their ability to work with other Democrats.”

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Aida Rodriguez, Maytha Alhassen

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Aida Rodriguez, Maytha Alhassen


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  1. Yes! The Apocalypse for the GOP!

  2. First, I will never use Square Space. Ana should never criticize anyone because she is a complete idiot. There was nothing hard to understand in what Ingraham said, and she is right. Those four women do represent some of the most radical views of the Democrat party. Free stuff isn't free. We know TYT gives 90% of their salaries to the government because they don't think they are taxed enough. So the three stooges on this video who verbalize their racism quite well are quite comfortable with racism as Democrats have been since the Civil War, the KKK, and Jim Crow. NOTHING Ingraham said was racist. It only exists in the paranoid minds of these three minimum-wage, career dead-end stooges.

  3. the young turks are out of touch with reality, or just stupid. haven't figured it out yet

  4. The last thing that the GOP wants is a healthy and educated public….

  5. Ingraham is an Oxygen Thief

  6. Tell that ignored fox employee college should be free as it’s an investment in our most valuable asset and that’s people as educated people create, discover and invent which create vast wealth and more education mean more wealth it’s an investment that creates wealth and drives the economy far better then any subsidies ! As Ana said it’s not free health care! And renewable energy saves so so so much money the uae is now installing nearly more then anyone in the world and to them oil is basically free! And the planes??? Ok bitch wtf but I got this! a Canadian company ( more educated people ) created a way to extract carbon from the air and turn it into fuel that the planes can run on and when the fuel is used it returns the carbon to the atmosphere thus being renewable and carbon neutral

    Top it off they can do it for about $1 a gallon at scale and they could be built at airports thus eliminating the need for massive pipe lines and supply trucks even more reducing the chance of a spill

  7. White women/women of color? congratulations their tactic is working on you. the republican strategy is divide and conquer, so don't highlight the division, the "white"(whatever the hell that means) women should be your focus ignore the obstinate and argue your ideas, cuz the right has one idea cut tax for the 1%

  8. Laura can lick my lolly.

  9. Laura ingraham, not so smart when it come to smearing woman who are trying to make a change.

  10. There is some guy talking about turning the truth around please define the truth because nothing fox has said or you President has done has been the truth and besides that you live in a country established by crooks and ran by thieves so what is the real truth since you so happen to know????

  11. In the UK we have free health care for all at point of need. But we all pay for it with our taxes. But when you need it, its there.

  12. Hey funnyaida, they said horsewoman, not horse/woman, u can relax.

  13. Your half right half wrong I'm a white male n I live in a homeless shelter n been denied housing n pay FS because of my race

  14. If it's gonna be so bad, does that mean she'll up and leave? We sure can hope!!

  15. My brain literally broke when Laura tried to make it seem like free college and health care where bad ideas.

  16. What’s with the bashing of white males? I’m a white male and I’m very happy that we have more women in politics. But go ahead and piss off white males. Go ahead and threaten this powerful segment of American society and see what happens.. again. Wake up and start solving the real problems that need attention- health care, K-12 education, tax relief, wealth disparaging, minority voter suppression and a host of many other problems we as a country are facing. Do that and everything else will fall into place. Including even more women in high government positions. Do it not and women will be set back at least a decade before there will be any growth in the number of women in position of power. But I have high hopes that this new group of men and women are the beginning of a true representative government that will put the will of the people ahead of PAC and donor money. Best of luck and you have my support.

  17. Laura Ingraham family is ashamed of her..look for the video on youtube…that saids it ALL

  18. Maybe if Laura went black, she wouldn't such a bitch.

  19. is this a cover group for george soros pile of money?

  20. I try to like TYT so much but this SJW bullshit is just… gross. Stop trying to divide everyone based on race and gender. This is not what people like Ojeda and Gabbard and Bernie and Beto and Warren are about. The progressive movement is supposed to be about unity against the economic elites, not this shallow, tribalistic nonsense.

  21. It’s amazing how people like TYT say that republicans are racists and then go on to say that the reason the Fox News host doesn’t support the new progressives in congress is because she is white and feels threatened by the minority gaining power…

  22. The dumb bitch knows that the apocalypse started when Trump got elected because he's the Antichrist anybody that Embraces evil and turns his back on our allies is just one of the signs!

  23. Laura, you are an UGLY man looking female

  24. I though the Fox host was endorsing them.

  25. And she PuertoRican too im proud

  26. I fully enjoyed this conversation between these three intelligent beautiful women. A breath of fresh air.

  27. Laura Ingraham needs a " Black Man " to slap that " Flat Pink Wrinkled Ass " of her's.

  28. Someone on this channel I beg you please research the Bolshevik Revolution. Draw your own conclusions but I see it coming back around. Can we not find some balance

  29. We need more women like y'all in this world

  30. You people are not as smart as you think, you turn truth around to make it a lie.

  31. INgraham is the REAL HORSEFACE.

  32. ··America definitely needs more young Hispanics to toughen this place up. Trump Et Al have made Americans too soft and whiney. – "Outbreak"

  33. She is the most stupid woman…Shut up Laura, you’re pathetic. These kinds of woman don’t have minds of there own. Go on back to the 1950’s little girls. Laura’s daughter will grow up to hate her Mother.

  34. Laura Ingram, in another time would have made a great camp guard at Auschwitz.

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