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Lauren Alaina Talks About Dating Scotty McCreery

Lauren Alaina Talks About Dating Scotty McCreery

American Idol finalist Lauren Alaina talks to reporters after the season 10 finale May 25.

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  1. I knew they were dating look at the way he looks at her and holds hand. go Scotty and get lauren

  2. I rather see him with Lauren than gabi

  3. My chubby uncle was able to make the most incredible pole dancer I’ve seen in my life fall in love with him because he cheated by using the Cupid Love System (search in Google). I wish I became pleased for him but I dream an incredible individual would fall in love with me. I am incredibly green with envy. Does that mean I’m a bad human being?

  4. If ya'll hate Lauren Alaina then get off her videos..

  5. Lauren and Scotty are two very talented young people that will achieve their dreams regardless of the comments…"Don't be bitter bitches", haters are a dime a dozen.[iminent=TPIz6BgUWfOB]

  6. 10 more years and they'll be married, according to Scotty!

  7. She and Scottie would be so good together. Still praying they come together as a couple someday!

  8. She's so cute! Just love her. Sooooooo talented.

  9. She's so cute! Just love her. Sooooooo talented.

  10. I can't see her bullying anyone. She was actually the nicer of the two girls in the top 3 from Season 10.

  11. @18lanie, if you weren't friends with her the. Who the hell are you to judge her? If you say she's a bad person cause she judged all these people then look at yourself! You are just as bad!

  12. i wasn't necessarily talking about you…look at all the other comments

  13. Hey, I never said you were lying! Geez, if anything, I was helping your case.

  14. well i didnt see her idol audition but she did//: now can everyone stop actin like im lyin? im just statin a fact here

  15. That's silly, considering how she looked at her Idol audition.

  16. Honestly people, Lauren seems really cool and down to earth. And all you people that YouTube Lauren videos just to trash her and say shit, makes you the bully that you say she is. I prefer Scotty also but Scotty has said she's really nice and cool and he knows her more than all of you bitches.

  17. thanks–for not being someone who thinks im making this up((:

  18. @supertrixdude3 no they're not

  19. Glad some people are naive enough to believe unknown sources that say Lauren apparently went to their school. Shut up.

  20. She was always making fun on someone just because they didnt wear the right clothes or if their hair was frizzy…she went to my high school.

  21. i think they look cute together

  22. No. That was the bitch Hailey

  23. they need to get married and have babies like, yesterday.

  24. i love them both but they are nott dating theyve said there like brother and sister./.

  25. i think they are both great and great together nothin about lauren is fake

  26. @clien94 haha i love when pricks try to sound all tough when they sweir on youtube. keep trying 😉

  27. @mesha4598 nobody likes you either and she has all her fans behind her and scotty who is her friend so shut your mouth bitch

  28. @mesha4598 neither did she so i figured we were sharing opinions so i told mine 😉

  29. @Sqwirt101 good to know. i didnt ask

  30. @mesha4598 i don't like you

  31. thats sooo cute!!! i love lauren<3

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