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Lauren London Gives Emotional Speech At Nipsey Hussle Memorial

Lauren London Gives Emotional Speech At Nipsey Hussle Memorial

Los Angeles celebrates Nipsey Hussle’s life and Lauren London gives an emotional speech. Soulja Boy is arrested for probation violation. Plus – Ray J exposes a dognapper.
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Lauren London, 34, paid homage to her slain boyfriend, Nipsey Hussle, with a new tattoo that she revealed just shortly after her emotional tribute during his ‘Celebration of Life’ memorial on April 11. Soon after the mother of Nipsey’s 2-year-old son, Kross Asghedom, spoke to thousands of fans at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, she shared the touching tribute to Ermias [Nipsey’s real name]. Lauren took to her Instagram page and revealed the large tattoo on her forearm of Nipsey’s face with “God will rise” inked across the bottom. She captioned the photo: “Real Love Never Dies. When you see me, you will always see him #LoveYouHussle #TMC (The Marathon Continues).”

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Lauren London Reveals Elaborate Tattoo Tribute To Her ‘Real Love’ Nipsey Hussle After Memorial — See Pic

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Lauren London Gives Emotional Speech At Nipsey Hussle Memorial


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  1. R Jay rant about the dog wasted my time big time

  2. Man You look like exatly Nipsey You Just need His barbe And a little draids 💙💫

  3. Why did Ali leave without saying anything. I think we deserve a answer.

  4. SMDH folks still acting like savages

  5. He died trying to make a community a better place thats true love and respect not only to his community but to his fans and to his family r.i.p nip

  6. The children will make you out of a strong WOMAN


  8. 1K Like For Nipsey❤️😭

  9. Sorry he died but damn every time a rapper dies every one swears up and down that they were so great. I ain't never heard of this nigga till he died .look up his music that shit is trash wtf is up with everyone.

  10. Where's Ali 😭😔

  11. She seems more proud than phased… why the glasses and no tears? I would be hysterical.

  12. At least sauga does not have to say he has the biggest cam pac of 2019

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  14. She is such a strong woman. I can’t imagine what she is going through but her strength is admirable. ❤️

  15. Kanye if you don’t give that man his dog back!! 🙄🤦‍♀️😂😂😭

  16. Bro nipsy ain't did nothing

  17. Nipsy hussle was not a good person nigga was a gangbanger that's what happens wen you gang bang and it a gang expect your homies do that shit fu fuck nipsy


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