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Lawsuit Claims Popular Car Models Are Bursting Into Flames

Lawsuit Claims Popular Car Models Are Bursting Into Flames

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A class-action lawsuit alleges that an engine defect can cause Hyundai Tucson and Kia Soul vehicles to stall and even burst into flames. Plaintiffs claim that Hyundai and Kia have concealed the defect from consumers for years. The Hyundai, Kia engine defect has allegedly affected thousands of car owners and others on the road when vehicle engines fail unexpectedly, stall, and even catch fire. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this issue with Scott Hardy from Top Class Actions.

Link – https://topclassactions.com/lawsuit-settlements/consumer-products/auto-news/885881-hyundai-kia-class-action-says-engines-burst-flames/

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  1. Kia and Hyundai car owners….
    lol as wise as Mercedes or BMW

    Toyota it, never buying anything else. Why waste my money?

  2. Both are South Korean companies. Is this what they mean by 'Korean barbecue'.

  3. I can't trust the guy on the right, he looks like the typical creepy cheap lawyer

  4. Hyundais are junky, had 2 and they are really crappy cars and the manufacturer doesn't stand behind it, even under warranty. My bimmer is much more reliable.

  5. Korean companies following the example of Samsung I see…

  6. Whenever I see a Kia or Hyandai on the road I immediately think "sucker!"

  7. Stop buying new cars. My 21 year old car has served me well and never exploded.

  8. Buy Tesla….. it is the best car…

  9. I have a coworker that has a Tucson. This is great news.

  10. Most us vehicles fitted with defeaters to fool testing and emissions. See Netflix show Hard Nox
    Dirty Money: Season 1, Episode 1. All manufacturers are using cheat devices to claim reliability, but all manufacturers care about is engine lasting beyond warranty periods.
    Leaving burdens of proof to little man.

  11. Libertarians will say these people can just exit their charred vehicles and leave a bad review on Yelp. If they are dead, their families can do it and wait for the "market to adjust". Why? Because "big gubmint BAD". They never want to reform anything. Just hack and slash and complete indifference to basic human decency. If there is a choice between protecting human beings or protecting the profits of corporations – they choose corporations every time.

  12. Saving a couple of dollars more like saving a few cents.

  13. Just heard that airbag that was purposely made to kill people with shrapnel, just claimed another life in the US.

  14. Well, if your car does burst into flames without an obvious reason, and this is my own personal "PSA", just check to make sure that you haven't accidentally hit the Human Torch instead…* coat on stand by.

     On a more serious note, There is a kind of parallel with the airline industry which I think is called "tombstone technology" which essentially means that a fair amount of people have to die in plane crashes before the industry will act to fix something even if it's minor defect… 7

    *I'll get me coat

  15. "Bursting into flames" means what? I took it literally from the title, and then found there was nothing like that. This is about engines that are breaking down prematurely. English is not my first language, but wondering, can it be called "Bursting into flames" ?? Or the words are used just for sensationalism?

  16. If it's profitable to have us killed or hurt, you better believe that there are capitalists out there that will step up to the plate and cash in.

  17. They went with goblin engineering over gnomish engineering.

  18. It's very evident that capitalism doesn't care about our lives.

  19. I thought this was going to be about Tesla's death machines.

  20. This is no "secret" Hyundai put out a service bulletin in 2016 when they discovered the defect and issued a recall notice over it BEFORE the government got involved because it only affected a specific engine type and only happened in very specific circumstances.

    I knew about it when I was shopping for a car two years ago because I went out and bought a couple of copies of the best used car guide in north america which lists all the potential safety and quality defects that have service notices or recalls issued.

    You really need to stop being so sensationalist because cars don't just spontaneously burst into flames for no reason, if there is a fire under the hood it is ALWAYS for one of five reasons:

    (A): oil leaking on to exhaust headers (common).
    (B): fuel fuel vapor or other combustible fluids (like brake fluid) leaking and igniting (less common),
    (C): sudden head gasket failure (relaitively rare),
    (C): electrical failure (very rare),
    (D): catastrophic total engine failure (extremely rare).

  21. If it costs less to pay a bunch of out of court settlements than to do a recall, guess what they do.

  22. Big recall on that and it's only to the 2016 models. So they are being fixed or by now, mostly fixed. My 2019 Soul is fine. All I see is lawyer enrichment.

  23. I haven't heard about any KIAs or Hyundais catching on fire. I do know that KIA and Hyundai are kicking it's competitions ass tho. So I have some opinions about this lawsuit.

  24. Could cause, not will cause . My wife bought a new KIA Optima in 2013 , 10 yr 100k warranty .

  25. I believe the oil and gas is not being properly refined also car manufacturers are cutting corners and releasing these defective vehicles to consumers.

  26. This no different than spontaneous human combustion. Get used to the new normal, to use a Jerry Moonbeam Environmentalist phrase

  27. YOU PROBABLY Never watche '''The Lightbulb Conspiracy '''documentary..

  28. So no exploding cars then? An oil leak problem that's not detected because owner neevr looks under the hood?  That's what it sounds like.

  29. So … driving a KIA means I might get Killed In Action? The irony was not lost …

  30. It is Ford Pinto time again, where Ford executives knew their cars were defected and would explode into flames when it hit in the rear. They correctly assumed it was cheaper to pay the victims of their negligence than to rectify the problem.

  31. "This came to light because people were having problems."
    oh really? I wouldn't have noticed a BURNING VEHICLE.

  32. Those are brands. You meant models.

  33. It may just be me, but the guy from Class Actions Lawsuits looks like your stereotypical ambulance chaser.
    And the impression that I get from watching ROF a few times a week is that he comes on whenever the channel is scraping the bottom of the barrel for something to talk about. I just give the discussion a pass anymore when lawsuits are mentioned.

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