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Lawyer For Brothers In Smollett Case Say They Wanted To Be ‘Honest And Truthful’ | NBC News NOW

Jussie Smollett is facing new charges in Chicago. The indictment is connected to his claim back in 2019 that he was the victim of a hate crime. A lawyer for the two brothers involved in the incident weighs in.
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Lawyer For Brothers In Smollett Case Say They Wanted To Be ‘Honest And Truthful’ | NBC News NOW


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  1. smallette would be very welcome in prison

  2. I def believe Jussie is guilty. Another big mistake is he trusted two Nigerians to carry out this plan. 😂

  3. He can always be Mayor Pete's running mate .
    He must not be his mother son

  4. Hey Jussie, look in the mirror and ask youself,"who let me down?"

  5. Whats so ironic jussie will likely be working at subway soon 😂

  6. The Brothers got a great lawyer, this lady speaks from the heart and I agree with her.
    We need to be truthful with each other no matter what and spread real love, not practice fake hate.

    There is no excuse for what Jussie did, his prison sentence has already started, like Wendy Williams said – he'll never work again, he's basically on this lost little island he marooned himself upon. But the public and especially our minority population demands justice not JUSSTICE. You simply cannot let this man walk away from this, he had us at each others throats over a hoax. A terribly thought out, terribly planned hoax. Foxx and the powers that be behind the scene may have pulled some strings but the outcry from the 99% will ALWAYS far outweigh the trickery of the 1% and the real result eventually comes through.

    People will never forget this event in history, we want justice and we want him held accountable for these heinous actions.
    Also, please check out my new, up and coming channel on Youtube. In time I will cover current/recent events but hoping to also live stream some hilarious content and some great gaming entertainment for you all. Treat each other good out there, love y'all!

  7. Don't get this twisted. This had NOTHING to do with President Trump, this was Jussie being an attention starved, hate filled moron.

  8. Time set up your commissary Jussie.

  9. Now you know why the right calls the left, scuzzballs , sleazebags & scum of the Earth.

  10. Jussie will start off as a tight end and wind up a WIDE receiver.

  11. The guy is a moron. Hope he goes to jail but in the mean time he goes bankrupt fighting this.

  12. Chances are Jussie Smollet is never going to make any type of worthwhile comeback and if he does there are not that many people at this point willing to hire or even associate with him unless it is to clean their toilets, wash their cars et;
    He seriously needs to start thinking in the long term range or even go back to community college incognito because $1.5 million dollars doesn't go that far at his age.
    Retirement age is at 67 right now, but it could change at any time in which case his small fortune equals about $33,000 dollars per year for the next 30 years since he is 37 in 2020.
    Without future prospects/employment his social security will be less than $500.00 per month because the SSA divides your entire earnings by 35 to 40 years of employment and not by what you've made while working throughout your lifetime.

  13. It's a shame they had to use Warren's campaign slogan.

  14. Brilliant attorney she made great comments we need more attorneys ,politicians and just everyday citizens to listen to her logic ,Maybe just maybe this democracy won’t fail as so many in the past have and the whole world suffers for it

  15. If I got charged with the same crime in Chicago I’d sue since they let him off.. you can’t charge me for the same crime he committed


  17. Another Black Racist, it was a hate crime charge him with it. Where the cast of Empire speaking out now. Black Racism against Whites is real and they need start being charged as such.

  18. 2 guys in MAGA hats. Kim Foxx is a racist to and jussie is a POS 3rd rate Hollywood hack.

  19. Jessie you are going to jail!!!!! You're a liar.

  20. We need a paternity test! I'm thinking he really isn't his mother's son…

  21. Q told us over a year ago he was guilty.

  22. Pathetic that you report on this but not Bernie Sanders win. Bad propaganda stooge!

  23. Racism is such and issue in this country that someone has to concoct an incident like this just to make people think the President is a racist. Wow

  24. They aren't bad guys. They could have easily beaten some things out of him and walked away laughing. I hope they get off with suffered enough already like the rest of us.

  25. Something stinks and I can Smollet from here

  26. Just try to stop the stalking the threats, it's a shame, as the people don't seem to even really know the whole story of why these based on a true stories, have even more history based on a true story where sick creepy people who have no, respect for our nation and" honor of, the underground railroad, and, there seems to have grown some sick fetish, that grew into some venomous, resentment, of tut for tat, in a very sick, uncalled for, display of what others should feel shame, in their behavior

  27. He was framed by TRUMP and the Russians.

  28. Kim Foxx should be jailed.

  29. Will the Osundairo brothers be wearing their MAGA hats at the trial?

  30. Jucy Smolette needs to go to jail for the sick pig he is ….KAGA ….2020 🙋🏻‍♂️

  31. If a white man did that it would have been Life in the worst Prison. No bail

  32. Unfortunately Jussie you did this to yourself!

  33. 7-9 years is the going rate. He can share a cell with Roger Stone. He should more time though cause he really blew it.

  34. wheres the evidence? does he still have the noose around his neck? did he finish his subway foot long? well if he didnt, there will be plenty of footlongs in prison. should be like heaven for him . foot long, whos got the foot looong 🤣😖😫😣😩😖🤣😂🤣
    Trump 2020 ? mmm hmmm Winning
    for the people

  35. I never understood why we the people must be honest to our government and leaders, when our very own government lies about everything, politicians corrupted, Needless to say everything we buy from electronics to food we make the government $

  36. Good thing he already likes the taste of skin……

  37. is this women speaking english 🤓

  38. I think this is great. Racism is clearly dying in America. I mean this guy had to lie and hire people to claim Racism.

  39. He almost caused something serious

  40. We saw this movie already. The devil of course not happy with ending. Now he must create an alternate ending that's more conducive to his agenda. DOUBLE JEOPARDY IN DISGUISE. They're NEVER happy when a Black man gets off. They must do a re-run to get the results they so desperately desire. #OJ #Cosby #MJ #RKelly #Etc.

  41. If Jussie Smollett’s plan had worked, it would have proved he was a good actor worthy of the higher salary he wanted.

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