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Lea Michele Cries For Cory Monteith At Teen Choice Awards 2013

Lea Michele Cries For Cory Monteith At Teen Choice Awards 2013

Lea Michele cries during her emotional tribute for Cory Monteith with the ‘Glee’ cast at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards. Subscribe! http://bit.ly/10cQZ5j

Starring Eleanore Hutch
Starring Emily Longeretta


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  1. Exactly. Its been a month. thats not enough time for someone to get over something like that.

  2. I cried and wanted to hug her😢 so hearthbreaking..

  3. It’s been 5 years now. I really, genuinely miss Cory, and Finn. 😭💔😔

  4. i’m still not over his death ):

  5. She loved him so much. They should have got married and had little cute babies but instead he died and now after 5 years she is going to get married to someone else

  6. i have started to watch glee yesterday and i am soo sad. i cried while i watching this…its so sad. RIP Cory

  7. It’s really been 5 years 💔.

  8. Watching this in 2018
    I always cry about Cory
    Every day

  9. I love glee and even tho her voice leaves me with wanting to put taps on her mouth it was beautiful she makes me cry whenever she’s singing an emotional son on the show and then to hear Finn aka Cory depart from our world it just breaks my heart!

  10. very sad that Cory passed away…

  11. This still makes me cry. 😭❤️

  12. I still cry over this 😭😭😭

  13. Why did I torture myself and rewatch this🤧🤧

  14. How can anyone watch this and not cry!?😭

  15. I can't believe I watched this midway through 2018 and cried

  16. Still crying in 2018 😭❤💕😂

  17. Why are they commenting on her speech afterwards like that doesn’t matter 😂

  18. oh! Im tearing up just now….

  19. but damn this makes me SOB every single time

  20. I saw glee and I'm sorry for her

  21. I cried lol. This is so sad, why Cory why…

  22. I miss Corey so much I can't stop crying

  23. its 2018 and I'm still getting choked up about this 😢💔

  24. Aww I loved Cory very much and I also love Rachel berry and fin Hudson 😘😘😘😘

  25. Crying so hard, always loved… RIP CORY Xx 😘

  26. she has a necklace that says Finn,Cory, and she has one with a star

  27. It's 2018 and I still cry watching this

  28. they were cute together all throuout the show to

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