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Lenovo Flexible Smartphone and Tablet Concept

Lenovo demonstrates its latest prototype of a flexible smartphone and tablet at Lenovo Tech World!

We still don’t have a consumer ready foldable or flexible smartphone on the market yet, but Lenovo’s demonstration shows that it might not be that far off into the future until we have it.

In the demonstration, YouTuber Meghan McCarthy bends the smartphone around her wrist.

“So where am I supposed to put my phone?” Meghan McCarthy asks, and then she bends the phone into a wristband “I can just wear it!”, and then she proceeds to folds a tablet in two.

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  1. Can you please make top workout

  2. tabletas da lenovo flexible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. The Voice is katastroph


  6. "Super serious business calls"

  7. her voice waw hahaha omg

  8. I hear the news A very powerful and rugged phone is coming to the market in just a few months, this is the Aermoo M1 which will sport a 84MP camera Really???

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  10. God she sounds like a bug with a cold

  11. Why the hell will I want to fold my Samsung for??? To use it as a bracelet???

    …anyways very annoying voice thank you.

  12. Why the hell will I want to fold my Samsung for??? To use it as a bracelet???

    …anyways very annoying voice thank you.

  13. That voice drove me crazy 🙁

  14. didn't Samsung showcase a similar idea like 3 or so years ago?

  15. Holy shit! was that Bart Simpson?!

  16. holy fuck is that her voice

  17. bet she moans good LOL

  18. No offense but she sounds like she breaths helium instead of oxygen

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  22. Stop commenting about her voice, she has a pretty voice and what if you had that voice? Yeah everyone's making fun of you? Be nicer and live happier

  23. "Innovative" "New technology" "Lenovo's know-how" "Great concept". Yeah, Samsung did this 4 years ago.

  24. I know something that bends more: apple

  25. Who is Peter? He only has five fingers in all.

  26. her voice. my god how can someone sound like that

  27. Everything that bends breaks at some point in time especially if you use it every day

  28. What's up with that guys hands

  29. and who else saw the presenters hands

  30. omg lololol the guy in 1:14 looks so funny

  31. Holy shit that voice is so ear piercing

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