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Lenovo Phab 2 Pro: Review

Lenovo Phab 2 Pro: Review

The first phone with Google’s Tango tech is here, but you don’t need one: http://engt.co/2fGwyvE

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  1. ok good mobile but dolby atoms just base adestment no setting position but no base music
    no projecter system so basiclly excelent mobile.

  2. It's down to $240 in my country on a limited sale. Should I get it? I primarily use my phone (aside from calls and messages) for gaming.

  3. is this phone good for someone who is deaf and cant speak! my partner likes it because its bigness but also interested about the camera is the camera worth it or should i go with the sony xa1 ultra he also likes the asus zenfone 3 ultra but its to expensive an cant afford it please comment their appreciated

  4. Love how he blathers on like the term "augmented reality" hasn't been around for years. =D

  5. I need that phone. Give it to me.

  6. this phone awesome for tango but how is with games gangstar vegas etc hardcore games can play in max settings or not ?

  7. so gen 2… got it haha

  8. Oh Chris Velazco 😉💯🍷🍷💙

  9. does it have gyroscope sensor and light sensor?

  10. Why never say about cloud-point scanning tool… this most amazing tool about tango?

  11. This is a flawed thing. Putting phone close to the face. I would rather have the appollo vr heardset.

  12. Seems like most of the reviews on this device, 90% of the review is about the Tango apps and very little about how well it works as a smartphone. I'd like to see more about how the camera performs for taking photos and shooting video, and how well it would work as a daily driver.

  13. Imagine that image sensor and microprocessor in the Mi Mix.

  14. Isn't this just basically Microsoft Hololens on a phone?

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