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Lenovo Smart Clock Review: Sometimes less is more

Lenovo Smart Clock Review: Sometimes less is more

When Amazon released the Echo Spot in 2017, I praised it for being an adorable Alexa-powered smart clock. Yet, I thought its $130 asking price was a little high, and having a camera by your bedside does feel a touch creepy. This year, Lenovo and Google unveiled a product I found a lot more compelling: the Lenovo Smart Clock.

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  1. lol! I have a 40 year old am/fm alarm clock that tells time and wakes me up just fine.

  2. Honestly, they should've priced this at $40 or $60. I guess the whole Music feature is what's keeping it at $80…

  3. fat asian girl, never seen one before

  4. Is lenovo an American company?

  5. Gimme a clock without microphones or cameras

  6. better to buy this gadget or google chrome hub

  7. is this a OLED display or just a HD LED display?

  8. I have the Hub in my bedroom, but this would be good in my guest bedroom.

  9. Seriously? No other presenters were available?

  10. Other than a display and a charging port it doesn't do anything that can't be done with a Mini and a wind-up alarm clock is more reliable.

  11. Fuck Google. Seriously. They could literally crush the Alexa models by offering apps or how they are called on the Echo "" skills "".

    The voice is miles ahead of the Alexa voice. The fact that they don't have a department that solely works on pumping out new google home features / apps is just fucking lazy.

    They are just sitting on their technological advantage and don't use it.

  12. Why not buy an Amazon fire with the show stand?

  13. That cloth cover looks like it will attract dust and not be very easy to cleain.

  14. I'll wait for this thing to drop to $20 and then buy it. $80 is very pricey.

  15. I'm surprised to see that there doesn't appear to be anyway to schedule alarms (like 7am on Teusdays, but 5:15am on Wednesdays). For a device who's primary function is to be an alarm clock… my phone runs circles around it in most of the alarm clock features. This seems like a big swing and miss to me but maybe I'm the only one that uses alarm schedules?

  16. Yeah because a regular clock is just to complicated. 🤔

  17. Hasn’t Amazon just announced a new Echo Show Compact for £80 that looks jut like this but it’s more functionality? How come no mention of this ? Has camera but more importantly a physical shutter to block the camera.

  18. 2009: Smartphones !
    2019: Smartclocks ?

  19. My Plumbus IX can already do this and more.

  20. "Lenovo Chumby"
    (remember that Chumby thing… It was ahead of its time and was exactly like this Lenovo device)

  21. Oh, so its like a clock?

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  23. Really don't see the need for this when you can find new Google Nest Hubs for $70-ish with just a simple search

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  25. how long until apple comes out with something suspiciously similar…

  26. auntie and her billie eilish playlist deserves a thumbs up 👍

  27. He will lose the Chinese market

  28. Smart clock = your cell phone.
    More useless tech…

  29. Silicon wants to give up power if demands for too expensive clocks the traditional companies are the trusted start up companies are just too silly they hurt retail and then we lose what China says trade wars are about america being stupid it been 65 years of drama and Silicon and Hollywood are still at their bad ideas hurting retail just hurts you because waltons market and Costco , Amazon are just too far for you to talk to it's closer than vistiing Montana for me but walton's is just too far and little rock is so underdeveloped even if I was owner of papa murphy's could not find a hotel to fight walton's in court the sandwiches are bad still I know good food when I smell it , wmt is done , the dum daughter can't find a way to lead like her dad hoped she should have just said yes it's her problem that affects the nation, jcp is better at getting items they do sell wallets to keep out of banks amazon is done following their founder the rebels can't even stop what happened to their enemies that was their promise , the bezos kids will run better buisnesses that actually help sears kmart JCP maybe papa murphy's it's all I can do obessively hope we change because we can't keep being rude to american states it's been a bad war of tradition vs liberal

  30. It probably cost as much as a tablet.

  31. can you make a circle one this one looks bad

  32. Nice for the living room 👍

  33. This looks so outdated. Yes it looks nice, but it does not look 2019 nice, I don't get how companies can bring out a product that doesn't look future proof. Those bezels and that design looks years old already, the clock designs look HTC 2014 old. Feels like a sponsored review with the recommendations made here

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