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Lenovo Yoga Book C930 Hands-On at IFA 2018

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  2. Hey. I have the Yoga Book. I want them to keep at it.

  3. I don't think it's expensive and there are many reasons 1. How much does a good e reader will cost of course near 400$ to 500$ and um not taking about Amazon e book coz it has limited functions . 2. Just compare it with Microsoft surface book new edition and yes um talking about without the keyboard as they are selling it separately . 3. It's a very light device with great battery life and even if u are low on juice then just use the e ink display to do some lite work. 4. It is portable and comes with a new technology as it's shown by tapping twice it opens . Folks as I see it is a awesome device and a good value for money . Yes we loosing some ports but Microsoft gave a USB port but ditched the USB type C port lame and business policy they just following Apple . Anyway its my thought on this device.

  4. whethe a12 was the second generation, c930 is the third

  5. A dislike for you. Bye

  6. If been using the first gen Yoga book for almost a year now and I'm really happy with it. I'm mainly using it while being at the Uni/during
    Lectures and it's perfect for that.

  7. Hello, what are you rocking on your wrist, is riose gold. Might it be a galaxy watch?

  8. I have an OG Yoga Book and I love it. I use it everyday and it works beautifully. I have the Android version and with SwiftKey, the Halo keyboard is wonderful.

    Also, nice repetition in the edit re: Epub files.

  9. when you are doing reviews try to do a proper review… I'm currently looking at this vid on my first gen yoga book (win10). I love it btw… it's a SECONDARY device… it fulfills that role perfectly! design and build quality are superb. I even push this bad boy to the max sometimes by running adobe PS and hitfilm express for minor work on the go. It's not designed for heavy typing, but for creatives, students and people who want an extremely portable yet capable device… stop comparing it to a laptop, show the device for what it is.

  10. no one appreciate your panda eyes and moon surfaced skin

  11. I was a late adopter of the original yoga book but find that I really like it. Often with small devices that have tactile keyboards the keys are too small and cramped making typing a nightmare. Even though the yoga book doesn't have a real keyboard I find I can type a lot faster on it. One glitch I run into is if I haven't typed anything in a while and then I start again the first letter doesn't register. Another issue I'm having is that downloading and updating apps from the android play store has a weird delay and often I end up with an error code 927 that it just could download. A reboot fixes this briefly, but it's a pain to have to reboot the device every time I want to update or install an app. I'm cautiously excited about the C930, and considering that they plan to release a 3rd version, it seems logical to wait until that version comes out just so the price of the C930 will drop. One another thing I've noticed is that I cannot find any support from Lenovo for the yoga book. When I try to contact their support and enter my device model number a message shows saying the device is not supported. The only place I can go for help is their community forum page… which isn't really a help since I need Lenovo to push a software update out to patch some bugs… especially the bug with the play store.

  12. Wonder who the scriptwriter is, 1st yoga book fell into disaster land? Its the single device that really enable me to work away from my cubicle.

  13. Virtual faders for music production, among other uses. Sign me up.

  14. lt looks very uncomfrotable to type sth…

  15. Ahhhhhh i love it…….

  16. What a shitty review. Intentional choice of words to cast this great product in a negative light. This is literally one of the most innovative products in 2018. Bitches who paid you to do this unfair review? Apple or Samsung? Continue to do this and you guys are gonna lose any credibility in your reviews.

  17. What happened to the wacom pad? cant deny atom to i5 is a great improvement, but based on my experience on the old yoga book, it simply cannot replace a proper laptop.

  18. I rather stay with my yoga 710 and drawing monitor

  19. Now with Win 10?! There was 2 Versions to chosse by the first One. Android AND Win 10.

  20. as a student i think its best for me … i am sold

  21. Such an exciting device, kudos to Lenovo for the innovation.paying 1000$ for this is way more justified than paying the same for a phone.

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