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Lewandowski sounds off on new Hunter Biden fraud allegations

Trump 2020 campaign senior adviser Corey Lewandowski says the mainstream media tends to ignore scandals or questions surrounding Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

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  1. Allegedly his child? Really ? DNA positive test proves it's his. Where does the allegedly come from. Same with his money laundering and shady deals with China and the Ukraine.

  2. Corey Lewandowski: You have my vote!

  3. Where’s hunter, that’s easy because he’s in rehab again for his crack coke habit

  4. Why hasn't this criminal not in prison? This is a shame on the Demo-Rats! We are finding the Demo-Rats are crooks in the extreme. Then we have our FISA Judges that are just as guilty of crimes against US citizens……

  5. Remember Harry Reid- he had the Real Estate money magic system with his sons 🤪

  6. Bidens are so corrupt, that's exactly why obozo didn't want dopey Joe to run he knew all their corruption would surface, but greedy stupid Joe had $millions of reasons to run$ and it has nothing to do with American's or America and everything to do with Joes bottom line$.

  7. Lou would you get a blood transfusion, dude you look like a zombie !

  8. Has anyone asked ? How come the FISA court is not upset ?

  9. Lol…PI firm in Florida announcing an "investigation" into Biden's kid after Trump fails to blackmail/extort the President of Ukraine to do the same. Let me guess are these the same PI's he sent to Hawaii to "investigate" Obama's birth?

    Too bad Pam Bondi isn't still FL's AG…he could have bought her off to do this. Instead he bought her off to screw over thousands of Floridians ripped off by his fake university and now she has a job working on his Impeachment defense. Nothing corrupt going on there.

    In spite of this he still paid a $25 million settlement in a class action fraud case for his fake university. He also paid the Federal government a $10 million fine for longstanding and egregious violation of anti-money laundering laws. Most recently a $2 million settlement for misusing the funds of his shutdown, fake foundation.

    Oh yeah…and his Federal Court Justice sister had to recently step down from the bench to avoid an ethics investigation into the way she and her siblings (aka Don the Con) handled the money they inherited from their parents…tax fraud/tax evasion. At least as a former Justice she somehow has immunity from prosecution, because she stepped down. Poor Donald doesn't get this immunity. Eventually, he'll end up in jail just like Jared Kushner's dad and Jeanine Pirro's husband/brother in law did. Taxes…gets them every time.

  10. Fraud money laundering and counterfeiting biden family business

  11. Americans deserve to know the truth!

  12. Lewandowski's claims of Joe Biden holding up a billion from Ukraine the same way Trump did is a lie. Just listening to Lewandowski has made us all dumber, it's like reading the National Enquirer reporting Corey has a brain…Just sayin'

  13. Biden is on video tape, gleefully describing (confessing) how he threatened the Ukrainians.
    Fire the judge that's investigating my son, or no aid funds. Quid Pro Joe.
    Accusing Trump of what Joe did, has got to be the greatest example of Projection ever.

  14. The FISA court is not an innocent bystander in FISA spy application fraud. Do you really believe the secret FISA judges are that stupid? The FISA judges are corrupt just like the F B I liars.

  15. Criminal Hypocrisy coup conspiring rampant by "pay to launder US tax bucks to nepotism
    Sons of US politicians for USD

  16. I'll bet a nickel that the FISA Court was in on the coup too, up to their necks.
    That court is chock full of Democrats too.
    They are either corrupt or stupid.
    How did America, the land of the free, end up with ''secret courts''?

  17. Vote Biden for more of this soap opera……… lol

  18. The Dems have a big weakness …… facts. Keep asking them for verifiable FACTS because they have none. It drives them crazy.


  20. Good thing the Trump kids are clean and scandal free.

  21. When will the Liberals wake-up to whom they support?
    It must take a Special Kind of Stupid to back any of these Marxist Criminals!

  22. Has Hunter come out the closet yet ?

  23. I always thought DNA was positive .

  24. Omg this just keep getting crazier

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