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Lindsay Hubbard Reveals Summer House Drama & Talks Partying With Ali Stagnitta

Lindsay Hubbard Reveals Summer House Drama & Talks Partying With Ali Stagnitta

Lindsay Hubbard reveals Summer House drama, dealing with haters, & shares a hilarious story about her partying with Ali Stagnitta in New York City on the Hollywoodlife podcast. #LindsayHubbard #SummerHouse #Hollywoodlife

Lindsay Hubbard, 31, went through what many women do when go through break-ups — she lost her appetite and she threw herself into her work, and as a result, she lost a ton of weight. The Summer House star bounced back strong from her stress and anxiety, but something that didn’t, were her boobs, which shrunk with her weight loss. Now, happier than ever and on the heels of the Summer House reunion on Bravo, Lindsay opened up decision to undergo breast augmentation surgery. In an Instagram post on March 16, Lindsay told her friends and fans that she “wanted physical consistency as a woman” and it was “simply time” to pull the trigger and get breast implants. “It’s not something that you randomly are like, “Why don’t I just do this?!” It actually never came into my head until Everett and I broke up last spring,” Lindsay told HollywoodLife.com in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “I just didn’t feel as feminine as I wanted to feel. I’m in my 30s, I want to feel like I’m in my 30s as a woman, and part of that is having the physical characteristics, such as boobs!”

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‘Summer House’s Lindsay Hubbard Reveals Why She Was So Open About Her Boob Job: ‘It’s My Body’

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Lindsay Hubbard Reveals Summer House Drama & Talks Partying With Ali Stagnitta


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