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Lindsey Graham Clowned In New Ad

Lindsey Graham Clowned In New Ad

Democrat Jamie Harrison isn’t pulling any punches against Lindsey Graham. Cenk Uygur, Brooke Thomas, and Aida Rodriguez, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

Read more here: https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/29/politics/jaime-harrison-lindsey-graham-senate-south-carolina/index.html

“Washington (CNN) South Carolina Democrat Jaime Harrison announced on Wednesday he will seek to unseat GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham, who is up for reelection next year.

The bid is an uphill climb for Harrison against Graham, who has become one of President Donald Trump’s most prominent supporters in Washington after being a fierce critic on the 2016 campaign trail, both before and after his own presidential run. Harrison — a top Democratic Party official, previous state party chairman and former lobbyist — is making his first run for public office, according to his campaign.

According to state records, Trump carried South Carolina in 2016 with 55% of the vote, compared with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s 41%, and Graham last won reelection in 2014 by just over 54% to his Democratic opponent’s share of nearly 39%.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Brooke Thomas, Aida Rodriguez

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Brooke Thomas, Aida Rodriguez


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  1. I hope Lindsey Graham loses

  2. Bonuses suck. All the company has to do is say they had a bad quarter. Then they pull the rug out from under you. Give me a 4 % raise anytime.

  3. If I was to sell my soul and try to lie, steal and be an all around deployable like the Republicans, do you think I could get some of that Russian money, Senator Graham?

  4. hey thats just facts checking! nothing bad ,say the truth!they all arent politicians, but opportunists!

  5. Lindsey Graham is a dumbass just like Trump is, He Suckups to Mr Carter, in the end he went against him and got buddies with Mitch MCONNEL pissy smelling Ass and Trump the big Orange Whale !!!! Lol 😄

  6. Love it! .. need more!

  7. Wasnt until 2016 to current days that I realized how many anti American citizens they're are in this country !! The #45 followers could have a swastika or a hammer and cycle (sp?) on THEIR countries flag, because of the graft and treasonous choices being executed by all of them.
    Long Live Democracy

  8. I thought the ad was catchy and effective sweet pea Lindsey needs to be sent home.

  9. graham is such a woman. There is NOTHING DUDE about him.

  10. Graham a two faced kiss a$$

  11. Lindsay and the b**ch McConnell both gotta go

  12. Senator Lindsey graham is It clown. __ Trump's clown Trump kiss ass Trump's bootlicker trumps fool. He can never be a leader he will always be a follower he's a clown just a clown always be a clown. Senator Lindsey graham he's the one with the Trump streak across his face oh lindsey stop smacking your lips

  13. he reminds of  aunt pittypat what  a sad little asshole  closet case

  14. Linsey Graham is a complete ass hole he should never be in the senate

  15. LG is a professional asshat! He’s gotta go!Trump got his man bits in Melania’s handbag!Great reporting! Stellar job TYT!!!

  16. Great clip 👍. We need not forget the before and after Lindsay Graham! I think Russia has something on him!
    I still can't ignore the hooker nails 🤡👎!

  17. I hope Jamie Harrison wins

  18. Graham "Cracker" , MCComical and Here Drtumpo should All be LOCKED UP SO THEY CAN GO ASS TO MOUTH IN THE PRISON LAUNDRY ROOM 💣💥🖕💩😈

  19. Anyone else get the birthday ad before this.

  20. Graham is a traitor
    Protect our elections, even if the gopee will block laws.

  21. The GOP is 100% for Donald Chump because they know he is an idiot and will sign anything they put before him. Lindsey Graham is a suck ass that should not serve the state of SC. He is a clown. John McCain is rolling in his grave now.

  22. Sissy Graham cracker's spine is wrapped around Djackass Drumpf's little mushroom!

  23. Let him play that advertisement every day I mean every day with GRAHAM

  24. They don't take up healthcare, or gun laws, or climate change, or The 911 responders. The Senate can't get anything done for the people. They only have time to protect their own racket. We needed to get rid of them in the next few elections. Starting with Mitch and Lindsey.

  25. Graham is a stale cracker.

  26. If my Mother gave me a Woman name I would have changed it by now !

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