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Lions Hunt Zebra | Savage Kingdom

Lions Hunt Zebra | Savage Kingdom

Lions hunt and kill a zebra, the pride eat together.
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Lions Hunt Zebra | Savage Kingdom

National Geographic

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  1. As the primary hunters of a pride, female lions often work together to prey upon large animals of the open grasslands. What are your thoughts on the teamwork in this pride?

  2. Wonderful. Cheers guys

  3. 2 faced despot? Not talking about the Phoenix are we?

  4. Lion: ummmm Deliceous Zebra 😋😋😋

  5. Could this conflict be settled someday?

  6. Who tf is the Narrator? Severus Snape?

  7. Sounds like my wife and her sisters

  8. we want more, please!!

  9. Thats a Lannister lion narrating….. Tywin Lannister…..
    It would be dope if the background music was rains of castamere..

  10. Charles Dance dramatically leads us up to what should be an amazing demonstration of power & cunning only for the idiot camera team to miss the entire hunt!

  11. How on earth can they get those camera angles??

  12. It's beautiful! Predators hunting… I love to watch them and how they move, stalk, attack… run after the prey… to be a lioness! What a privilege! 💞

  13. Love these lions are awsome

  14. The narrator sounds like Tywin Lannister….

  15. The producer is female. She wanted to get her point across

  16. I had to watch this without sound because the narration was too stupid

  17. The lion of casterly rock!

  18. Went on Safari last year at Mabula Game Lodge, we never did see a kill, but to see these maginificent animals with no bars or glass in the way was incredible. It gives you a new appreciation , perspective and respect for nature.

  19. Great movie!!! I'm also a big fan of Charles Dance' voice.

  20. これが弱肉強食かぁ

  21. Omg look at those organs Too Much Rated R im scarred

  22. Is this a spinoff of " The Lion King " ?

  23. It's cool how they got Tywin Lannister doing voice over for Lions… Game of Thrones much…

  24. This is why I subscribed not some political bs

  25. Lions, lionesses, literally disappear in dry grass.

  26. That narrator's voice is ridiculous, and he just sounds stupid when he starts telling us what the lioness is thinking. Such BS, trying to be so melodramatic.

  27. Hi everyone please support Tahukah Anda Channel with subscribe the channel Thanks•••

  28. 💖👏💖👏💖👏💖👏💖

  29. Charles Dance… best narrator for me. Makes it way interesting

  30. Saha and her sisters are on the verge of a new Dinasti.

  31. And the king has come for the feast…

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