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Little Diomede | National Geographic

Little Diomede | National Geographic

Alaska State Troopers : http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/series/alaska-state-troopers/all/Overview
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Welcome to Little Diomede, a tiny town only a short cold walk across the frozen sea from Russia.

Little Diomede | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. So a couple months out of the year, the u.s shares a border with Russia?

  2. That violin is very annoying

  3. What do Trump and Putin have to say about these islands?

  4. Totally awesome! From a retired Denver Police Officer.

  5. 140 population and someone has a warrant? Seems like everyone would be getting along and working together to survive not committing crimes.

  6. Part of me wishes I can walk away from all my big city stresses and people and just live out the rest of my days in this land. I'm in Dallas Tx but sometimes I think my spirit belongs in a place like this… basically giving a big F.U. to the rest of civilization.

  7. What city did the Troopers fly from?

  8. So I guess there are times you could walk over to Russia if you were really determined to.

  9. it must be very cool living here
    you could literally walk to Russia
    You can even stand on the international date line and be 12 hours ahead in time lol

  10. Peaceful, natural living. As a born and bred NYC'r sometimes I think that living like this is better. With nature. What do they do to get electricity? Generators?

  11. turn on the choke man?

  12. fuck Alaska state troopers

  13. Think about how cruel fate is, these "Natives" got Alaska & other "Natives" got Hawaii….yeah you guys got screwed!!

  14. o that must be where sarah palin lives.

  15. @xJamo33 So, now they can walk on water? you need a MAP

  16. @xJamo33 they dont have enough money to move

  17. @xJamo33 Why wouldn't you?

  18. @xJamo33 it's the only life they know

  19. @coil311 im only using texas as an example. hawaii is off of US as well and the opposite of alaska. they should discuss about king kamehameha

  20. @ThomasisaMAN
    Maybe they will? Maybe they have? Alaska is a world unto itself up there, disconnected from mainland USA, and presents some unique living habits, career choices, natural habitats, and weather conditions. Texas, while also huge, is connected and relatively similar to mainland US living. You can always read their magazine for more information. I'm guess somewhere in their history they have printed articles numerous times about Texas. I don't know the answer, though.

  21. @ThomasisaMAN i guess because the show COPS is already doing the other states.

  22. how come ngc only make alaska shows n not other states like texas?

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