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Live: Mitch McConnell discusses stimulus relief package on Senate floor

U.S. lawmakers speak on Senate floor.

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  1. Man, these dems are such snakes. So dishonest. Delay delay delay so they can create a narrative on the back end.



  4. Cut out the banks and go straightforward thru the state or US treasury. No middleman thievery

  5. Blame game from the Dems and Republicans! Drain the entire swamp in November!

  6. Who was responsible who held up help to the American people? Who started the virus what was it's intended or it's purpose? Why still no checks what's the hold up? The American people know exactly who did this and you are all done those who are responsible there needs to be arrests now! We are so tired of this people are starting to think we don't need any government we need someone to do what right period! I can't believe not one check had even gone out believe me there is a reason and this has all been a show!

  7. Democrats are a joke and I'm disgusted with the democrats. I'll be voting republican 2020 👌

  8. Instead of the "Trickle-Down" theory, we should try trickle-up. Then, the rich will have to wait till we spend it before they get it from us.

  9. Flip the XRP switch already.

  10. They are all crooked! If they really wanted to save the country they would support the small businesses through this, asap.
    These guys do not understand, nor do they care, what the small businesses are experiencing at this time; not to mention the stress and fears of our employees.
    These self serving snakes must be voted out of office!

  11. No more pork,lock pelosi up for insider trading and treason!!

  12. It brings me great joy in hard times just knowing this will be Nancy's very last term as "Puppet Speaker of the House." Either way she is gone in November!

  13. Stimulus only for American's who file their taxes. Under the table companies can eat 💩

  14. We are at WAR!! Stimulus must proceed for the future of America.

  15. Dems are worthless. Vote them out !!

  16. So you go from -12db to +18 just like that eh. Hire a pro.. 1.23 …That's better

  17. Why are lives in the hands of these old people just let us go back to work we know what to do to stay safe and ways to work around it.

  18. I live in Kentucky and this Mitch guy is awful, he does NOTHING for the state, we hate him !!! Please, don't believe anything this guy says, ALL republicans are liars !

  19. It's a shame. Pay check protection could have been solved today. The rest could have been negotiated. Democrats refused to support more money for paycheck protection program unless everything else was solved today. Now the Senate is adjourned until Monday.

  20. So what's going on with this heroes fund Im hearing about anybody know

  21. Does Nancy realize she's playing games with people's lives and livelihoods it seems really simple Mitch just wanted to change the numbers and add more money don't add different policies and then argue about it just give the people what they need for their business and employees it's really practical

  22. Let us out of our housed and we'll make our own nmad money!

  23. Include vouchers for gender-change
    surgery, & the Dems will get
    behind it (literally) 🙄

  24. Why not ask some of these billionaires to make a donation of a few hundred million each? They'll never feel it and they'll get a tax deduction and help the economy. After all, their employees, the taxpayers, helped them to get to where they are. Ask Gates, especially, since he's so interested in the welfare of the people, willing to spend over a billion to develop a covid vaccine. What a guy!

  25. The way to fix all the joblessness is simply to send everyone back to work – people will die in doing this but the country survives otherwise the entire thing collapses – they are passing relief packages simply to funnel money to themselves why are they still getting paid.

  26. Mob queen Pelosi is extorting our government. Why isn't that illegal? Walk her out in handcuffs.

  27. Thanks for the update Moscow mitch,

  28. More grandstanding by the filthy Democrats

  29. Rescue pact that has yet to be seen.

  30. Gee those dems are disgusting vultures

  31. Direct Federal checks to US Citizen business owners, Please to sole proprietors, so I went to my Bank Wells Fargo and they said go on line, wait and see or set tight , or hold fast. I can get a personal loan as before but, No SBA here. I have 27 in-defendants in the street Markets and they have others under them, under my business. What are we to do???

  32. Democrats need they're pay stopped asap. Things will change quick. Or we all need to stand up and remove these crooks ourselves. Government is blocking our rights.

  33. (Everyone ) in Congress 19 miles out to sea, and sink the boat .

  34. Normally it takes republicans two terms to wreck the economy.

  35. Trillions to corporations and banks, a pittance to the peasants!

  36. let people go back to work we can't afford to have the democrats taking away our rights

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