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LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: Erik Conover New York Vlog 6.22.16

LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: Erik Conover New York Vlog 6.22.16

LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: Erik Conover New York Vlog 6.22.16
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Yesterdays Video – https://youtu.be/_rJgFQitFJk
Tomorrows Video – https://youtu.be/_fYZtobDvpI
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Erik Conover Video Blog episode 409: Lunch at Google with Anthony, preparing for our trip to Paris tomorrow!


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o Erik Conover is a travel and lifestyle-focused vlogger who joined YouTube in 2015 to chronicle his daily life around New York City and travels around the World. Conover moved to NYC after graduating Northeastern University in 2013 to pursue modeling and theater. His inspirational and motivating videos, many of which feature his girlfriend, the model and YouTuber Jessica Clements, have set Conover apart from many other vloggers and have helped him gain an immediate and engaging following. This summer, Erik and Jess will be exploring France, Australia, and Japan.

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  1. bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. when you said "my stepdad, Gary" i immediately thought of this! have you seen this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JltEXpbGM8s

  3. I said: I'll washed this videos (yours) a little bit… OMG… like 11 on a roud… looove the possitivism, love the actitud, love the energy.. love it! A biiig hug from Honduras! *traveling to NYC in two weeks.. suuper exited!

  4. I have trouble with jet lag, coming back from Europe to California. I've taken No Jet Lag. It's homeopathic and it works very well for me. In Cali, it's in the Walgreens, but I think several places have it, including travel shops.

  5. Drunk Jess is my new favorite thing

  6. Hey Erik and Jess! Love the vlogs! Ramadan is the month of fasting for Muslims, where they can't eat or drink anything while the sun is up, in order to empathise with the poor, and to give up their human needs (food and water) for the sake of God. It's almost finished now, and the end of the month is commemorated by a celebration feast called Eid! Thanks for mentioning it and in a way, countering xenophobia and a hatred multiculturalism that people like Donald Trump are brewing in recent times. 🙂

  7. it does wear off. you just need to clean the lens some often..

  8. Ramadan is for Muslims we Fast for whole one month 👍☺

  9. I always imagine how awkward it would be talking to the camera alone in the streets and people looking at you But you really do a great job with it 😀

  10. Not gonna lie- slightly envious of people who work for Google lol. Damn talk about an incredible work environment.

  11. Erik seems like such a happy, positive person with a love for the simple things life has to offer. Watching him automatically makes me happy and inspires me!

  12. Love love when you show clips of New York and put in old, classic music. So cozy and makes me so happy!

  13. What really helps me to kick jetlag is to stay awake for a good 24 h or so when you get there, so you then crash at the right time.. then be very strict with your sleep schedule!

  14. Can Jessica do an OOTD for the outfit she was wearing for the girls night on her channel? It looks so chic!

  15. i would LOVE to see a what you both eat in a day

  16. waiting for the next vlog like 0.o

  17. Erik I just starting watching ur blogs and I can honestly say that what I enjoy watching is u guys just being humbled and always with a positive attitude … 👍

  18. I feel like you can become anything you want when you work at google lol a culinary class? haaha

  19. I have just recently found your channel and i love love love it! I watched a lot of your videos from the beginning and have seen how your editing has progressed and its great! Especially bc I love editing, which shows through my channel as most of my videos are posted only for my film class

  20. switch your clocks to france time so you get used to working on their time in NY

  21. To minimise jet lag: no coffee or alcohol and fast from when you arrive to when you can have breakfast at the local time for it, your personal mini Ramadan 😉

  22. any one thinks Eric's friend looks like the bad guy Walter in Now You See Me 2? haha

  23. Are you going to make a meeting? I'd be glad to see you in this beautiful city 🙂

  24. is your new camera a canon powershot g7x mark ii?

  25. I was in Paris the other day! Can't believe you guys are coming straight after 🙁

  26. Hey Erik! When's gonna be ur next meet up? 🙂 (Please say in the middle of July lol)

  27. Hey Parisiens 😀💙 Check Out our video on Paris Saint Germain Make Up Look: https://youtu.be/2Tg9GSW2wHw

    Have a great day ❤

  28. Your videos make are making me fall in love with New York City!!!!!

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