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LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: Erik Conover New York Vlog 8.5.16

LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: Erik Conover New York Vlog 8.5.16

LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: Erik Conover New York Vlog 8.5.16
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Yesterdays Video – https://youtu.be/Z2zdAhJVm2k
Tomorrows Video – https://youtu.be/Dk0FREyfKPs
One Year Ago – https://youtu.be/Z2zdAhJVm2k

When: 8:00AM Saturday, September 10th, 2016
Where: Central Park ( Specific Location TBD )
Sign up and Donate to Susan G Komen Fund 5k Walk / Run:

Erik Conover Video Blog episode 434: NYC end of summer meet up announcement! Inspirational meeting at Susan G Komen. Fun day around Chelsea with Anthony. Working on getting scuba dive certified and some night laundry / run with Jess!


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  1. 👍 Awesome! I'm a survivor (diagnosed at a young age…in my early 30s with no family history) it can happen to anyone (including men) it's important to do your self exams.
    Thanks for participating & making this video. 💞

  2. oh dear, susan g women has some shady business practices.. they spend so much money on suing other breast cancer charitable groups from using the color pink, among other things, i really encourage you to research into this!

  3. Hey Erik! I'm running with some people from my company (NBC) and we would love to meet you! Where is the meetup going to be?

  4. Dude, I'm so glad I found your Channel! I was just exporting my VLOG and searching YouTube for the song you used, because I just used it in tomorrows Vlog, and my friend Joakim Karud mentioned it has copyright issued on here. Long story short, love your content. New subscriber. I will for sure be binging on your channel. I don't get stoked over too many Vloggers but I just wanted to say I'm diggin your content so far. Keep in touch man.

  5. You guys are HUGE NOW… Love it!

  6. I'm so happy Erik listens to fettuccine was when he's running!

  7. I love your videos you're so positive!❤

  8. You will love scuba diving!

  9. I started training for the 5K💖💪🏼

  10. Look deeper into Susan g koman I've heard that a very low % of donated money goes to the actual charity. It's a bug business

  11. canon g7x is not even 4k but why this guy video look so freaking good

  12. OMG I just discovered your channel and your spirit is so beautiful. you're amazing!

  13. Ugh Erik is a very positive person. I've never seen such 👌👌✨✨

  14. Anyone, what does Erik do for a living?  Is Jessica a model and does she earn a big steady income?  It's so expensive to live in Manhattan!  Thanks for sharing your life with us

  15. I'm really loving the New York vlogs again. I wish you didn't travel 😂😂 although I do like those too, I just love New York so much!

  16. If you love pigeons you should love rats too! They are lovely and super smart 🙂

  17. Keep on spreading that wonderful positivity! Not enough of it in the world!

  18. I knew when watching your other vlog as soon as you said you were going to do something on your bucket list that required certification you were going diving! Good for you, it's incredible and has changed the way I interact with nature. I've gotten over my fear of open water and gained a huge respect for the ocean – just remember, never try to fight it because you'll never win! Let us know where you're headed, I can recommend some dive operators in many parts of the Caribbean.

  19. Jessica, Pigeon Filter on snapchat !!!

  20. I've just been told I'm in remission from ovarian cancer & just wanted to say that seeing you give time to a cause like this means so much 🙂

  21. That moment when you notice Morrissey singing in the background…
    And why send me silly notes ? I'm so sorry I'm so sorry….

  22. Would love your thoughts on the best place to stay for a first-time trip to NY! Coming from Australia and will be there for 2 weeks in October, thinking maybe a week in Manhattan area and a week in Brooklyn.. to experience 2 different sides of the city! Your area looks lovely, which part is that? 👍🏼☺️

  23. when i join peace corps i've decided I'm going to vlog my experiences and hopefully spread awareness of other cultures and lifestyles as well as the things different people go through and how we can make a change for the better. thank you sooooooo much for inspiring me 🙂

  24. "you renew my love of tea" so adorable lololol

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