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LIVING IN NEW YORK CITYT: Tiny Apartment Life!

A look at what its like to live in a tiny 300 sq foot studio Apartment in Manhattan / living tour of tiny apartment in New York City!

NYC Apartment Tour!! 300 Sq Foot Minimalist Studio

The TRUE Cost of Living in NEW YORK CITY: https://youtu.be/YhULIcGLyDo

Mount Kilimanjaro Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJaEWR9PQJk

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  1. A little look at what its like to live in a tiny apartment in Manhattan! I'm uploading this video from ICELAND! Make sure to follow me on Instagram @erikconover for IG stories from the trip

  2. who else had an anxiety attack when he heard the alarm go off in the beginning of the video ?

  3. if you wake up at 5 what time do you sleep ?

  4. How much that apartement cost?

  5. Hell, I dunno – For NYC, I think the guys got a really cool pad to live in, small as it may be. I don't cook, so I wouldn't even need the damn stove, only a microwave cuz that's all I use anyway. Looks like he has his own bathroom, too. Then again, I wonder how much the guy is paying in rent for this 300 sq foot studio – could be $2,000/mo, not including utilities!

  6. Yea even I dont like to go to clubs or places on Fridays.

  7. 5:56 The video suggestion is covering your Instagram username. Maybe move the Instagram/social media names to the top middle. Great video!

  8. The kitchen in my Queens apartment was smaller.

  9. wow do one ever get scared living in a small place like that ..

  10. Great video! Where did you buy that plant from ( the tall one)?

  11. Hellou. I'm William. can you help me ? I am going to go to NY . What did i need to get friends.?

  12. Nice πŸ‘ bravoπŸ‘

  13. Watching Goodfellas on a Friday night… You and I would get along great lol

  14. hmm, a day in the life with Erik in new york with a gopro american vlogger, nice man, πŸ‘ to copy you one day.

  15. I would love to see a video of you cooking a full meal in that "one-chef kitchen" – how many times do you hit your left elbow on the wall? πŸ˜‰

  16. i watched a full 1 minute ad video before your video. use this money to live in CA. thank you

  17. Coffee in the morningπŸ˜πŸ‘Œ

  18. 5:44 "Tell ya I wish I was big just once."

  19. Friday night movie instead of bar, we are kinda same!!

  20. I loved that you put Fly as the background song hahaha

  21. I've seen smaller than yours, and for a lot more money. I think you have a great deal in that apartment. I know your building and you couldn't get any better location. Cheeers

  22. Do not move from that tiny apartment of NYC because many people like myself are watching your channel just because they like NYC ! I wouldn`t subscribed to your channel if you weren`t from NYC πŸ™‚ or Chicago maybe πŸ™‚

  23. love this video! you seem like such an amazing person, thanks for sharing your apartment!

  24. The snow looks ethereal πŸŒ¨β„οΈ

  25. Save that money boss so you can make those trips. I am inspired by that with my photography and video career.

  26. How much do you pay the rent per month for your apartment..??

  27. Erik means plum in Turkish. just a little side note.

  28. Do you ever think that maybe life is not just one big vacation and that hard times & earning those good times make it that much more enjoyable and valuable?

  29. love it!!! I started making vlogs too and will be in NYC all summer!!!

  30. 6’4 you say…..interesting

  31. In the kitchen how does the smoke from the stove get out of the apartment???

  32. wow!!!!!!!!!! super one ……

  33. It's hard to catch me in that movie because I was an extra but it was a fun filled four days.

  34. Watching this makes me want to move to New York

  35. I love the snow in reverse ❄️

  36. I thought you got let go of Ford Models in an earlier vlog but i guess i heard wrong or you are back with them. Either way thanks for sharing how you network and do meetings.

  37. Love our city. Thanks for doing it justice in your vlogs. Can't wait to see you get that gold button.

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