Erik Conover Video Blog Ep.194 LIVING WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND
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SEPTEMBER 3rd, 2015

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  1. I'm from Romania and I look at you from the first vlog. You have the most beautiful girl and because of it I started to look at you every day 😊

  2. So naturally filming this piece of life . Still love it after 2 years.
    Noticed you did not keep all NYC videos in your channel anymore, but those were what you are most perfect with.

  3. How much the apartment cost in New York ?

  4. Erik! you´re wearing Jess´s sunglasses! But still handsome as hell! 😀 🙂

  5. i want to buy the appartment is that posseble

  6. What is up with never kissing each other goodbye!

  7. I loved that you guys started scrambling

  8. How are the hats hung on the wall? THanks!

  9. I just discovered your channel and your vlogs are so motivating and inspiring!You both seem to be very kind and nice people!From Russia with love <3

  10. I am suprised that you feed the pigeons. In Germany you are not supposed to do this in cities… (we call them "flying rats")

  11. Bagel bobs looks like a NYC local's secret

  12. 'mac and cheese, with eggs and some brocolli; so pretty healthy' xD Macoroni (white macaroni) is unhealthy, that cheese is as well xD It's not healthy if half of the food is unhealthy
    Still loved the video xD

  13. I love watching your videos! Makes me sooo happy lol

  14. my favorite part is when you guys were surprised by the person coming to see the apartment

  15. I might have to skip ahead and see your new place!! 🙂

  16. why dont you model anymore? what happened?

  17. i hate loud chewing as well idk why it just makes me cringe everytime lol

  18. How much is your rent for your apartment ?

  19. My favorite past was Jessica's British accent! I do that alllll the time!

  20. Wonder if the new people that move in your place will feed the pigeons or not, and will Jess ask them too.

  21. JESS PLEASE DO A MAKEUP VIDEO. Even if you made just one, I would absolutely love it!

  22. Subscribed. Keep up the good work

  23. My favourite of the day: my spouse and I, our three young boys, 9, 4 and 2 years were just casually swimming in the pool. Spouse left to go inside to get himself something to eat, only to bring out a whole (reheated) rotisserie chicken and a microwaved potato and we all just just helped ourselves to it. Had no idea everyone was so hungry. Felt like a great family moment. New subbie by the way. Your channel seem special and different from what I'm used to.

  24. hey guys just stumbled across your channel today and i'm really digging it so far. Keep up the good work and I can really see your channel growing, good luck 😀

  25. Okay I've officially watched all of your vlogs. I used my sick day off work to watch YT & veg (haha). Now I know enough abut yourself and Jess to send you a cute personalized gift. You guys are positive people & I dig it. Happy Labor Day!

  26. When I grow up I wanna live in New York, I love watching your videos because it really shows me what it is like I'm from California but I wanna go to New York! Keep up the great work!!

  27. Stumbled upon your channel this morning and have literally been watching every single vlog from the beginning. I'm so excited about finding an nyc vlogger because every single vlogger I'm subscribed to is California or UK based. I'm from nyc so I get excited when I see areas I'm very familiar with. I wish you the best of luck on your growing channel. You're doing great!

  28. I love ur vlogs!!!!!!!!!

  29. Wow, so glad I discovered your channel. I am currently spending my lazy Sunday binge watching all of your vlogs with zero regrets. I am so inspired by how you present NYC, I am falling more in love with the city with each video. Keep up the good work ! Keep inspiring others!

  30. Hey Erik! I've only just found your videos a few days ago and I really glad I did!! Your vlogs have great content and I really enjoy them 🙂 I hope the apartment process goes through well! from South Korea 🙂

  31. One of my favorite parts was Jess doing Food / Fashion Vlogs

  32. I know this is a very quick question but would you ever consider vlogging when you two get married on wedding day/night? even behind the scenes or just days ahead before your wedding? or….would it be to personal?

  33. I have been watching your vlogs for a while now, when you had at least 5,000 subscribers and you have become my favourite youtuber. You and Jessica are always so inspiring and your vlogs always put a smile on my face! I'm glad to see that you are gaining subscribers quickly, you deserve it! Thanks for your hard and consistent work, keep on being creative 🙂

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