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Logan Paul Breaks Silence On Break Up & Jake Paul Blasts KSI Over Rematch Rules

Logan Paul Breaks Silence On Break Up & Jake Paul Blasts KSI Over Rematch Rules

Logan Paul opens up about a recent break up on Mike Majlak’s ‘The Night Shift’. Plus, Jake Paul calls out KSI for now allowing him to be in the Logan Paul vs KSI rematch. #LoganPaul #JakePaul #KSI

It looks like Tana Mongeau, 21, is going to have to wait to celebrate her marriage to Jake Paul, 22, due to an unfortunate circumstance. The blonde beauty shared the news that she wasn’t able to join Jake on a flight to Europe for their honeymoon due to a “family emergency” in a series of continuing tweets on July 29, one day after their lavish wedding.

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Tana Mongeau Skips Start Of Honeymoon To Deal With ‘Family Emergency’ 1 Day After Jake Paul Wedding

Starring Ali Stagnitta @alistagnitta

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Logan Paul Breaks Silence On Break Up & Jake Paul Blasts KSI

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  1. Olga safari might be his girlfriend. Or maybe Daisy Keech ? hmm.

  2. Think I almost threw up when she said Lolo 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Ally wants Logan's micro in her gingersnap

  4. Get your tongue out of Jake's ass you ginger mong


  6. I mean… Jake could always get a boxing license but I don't think he's smart enough to be able to go through the whole process.

  7. You really love the Paul’s just smash them already

  8. These guys are the absolute biggest douchebags on the planet. Can they just die already, please.

  9. Is it even surprising that a rich white dude has a girlfriend

  10. Jake is fighting aneson gib ?

  11. It’s obviously daisy keech!!!

  12. KSi will knock u out stfu jake

  13. you weren’t included cause no one fucks with you

  14. Ally please get a real job. You’re 40 and try and make a living of it people half your age.

  15. Your report are so good and better than drama alert

  16. Logan Paul went out with Daisy Keech

  17. Stop defending the most retarded ass kids on youtube

  18. This chick is obsessed with the Pauls 😖

  19. Why is Ali a Jake and Logan fan girl all the time it pisses me off

  20. the only reason jake’s has more views was bc after their fight everyone realized it was dumb and dropped off

  21. TEAM LOGAN OR TEAM KSI? Reply your answer

  22. Either Daisy keech or Olga 🤔 if not

  23. Logan and Jake r a bunch of pusssy clottz

  24. Boi why does jake Paul wanna be in the fight CLOUTTT CHASEERRRRRR BOIIII IMMA KILL MAHHH SLEFF

  25. Wait isnt ksi and Logan YouTubers???

  26. Why is nobody talking about the South Korea shirt Jake has?

  27. Do you think there will ever be a video where she doesn’t kiss Logan and Jakes asses like really girl they don’t give a shit about you

  28. So we just gonna ignore Logan's latest Twitter video where he kissed a hot chick and a dude???

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